Boxing Day.

completed boxIt is boxing day today here in Melbourne. I love boxing day. It means everything that can be done for Christmas and the end of the year has been done and now it is time to relax. In the spirit of boxing day I want you to read this post, look at the pictures but NO WORK!  Just enjoy.

First you need to gather up your Christmas cardscards


(not now you are relaxing!) and put them away until (God Willing) late NEXT year. With the cards put a few points from this post so you will remember.

The template is the most important bit. Here is mine.




Then cut along the lines.


Then fold over.

fold 2

fold 3









There is your box. Just right for a small Christmas gift.

I also use greeting cards for paper-clip holders, craft things and in the past when I had a big problem as a “God Box.” The plan is you make a box and then write down what ever it is that is worrying you and you say “This problem is too big for me, please help me” and then you leave the problem in the box and stop agonizing over it. Did it work? Well I can’t say I stopped worrying over it but I can report the problem is all sorted and the outcome is better than I ever would have believed. I used to pray “Please help me deal with the outcome, what ever it may be”

While I was writing this post I got a phone call that a very dear friend of mine whose husband has been rushed to hospital and is very unwell. I am making up a God Box for her and for him and their family. (it can only help) If you are of the praying persuasion please pray for my friend or send send positive thoughts their way. I am putting this card in the box. I got it at this fete and I wish every one a calm and healing rest after the end of year rush.  Sleep well. You earned  it.silence




and what ever happens, never under any circumstances push this. : )

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14 thoughts on “Boxing Day.”

  1. Oh I do so love these boxes and have often wondered how to make them! I love having a use for all the lovely cards I’ve received for Christmas too. Perfect timing. I am definitely of the praying persuasion and will have the family you mentioned in mind x


  2. congratulations on the awards. 🙂 A little heads up, add an extra star to that Blog of the year award from me too. 🙂 I should be getting that post done within the next day or two and you are definitely on my list. : )


  3. Enjoyed the post as always and really like the ideas for the boxes. I also like that God box idea. 🙂 I will pray for your friend and her husband too.


  4. Oh thank you so very, very much. This has made my day.
    I accept with gusto and will do the paperwork in the next day or 2. A fab gift from you!


  5. HaHa. My son says I am hilarious because although I try very hard to “stay calm” I do occasionally shriek “NO ONE PANIC!” and no does ‘cos they is laughing. Thank you for the positive thoughts. I have anecdotal evidence that proves to me that sending positive thoughts and prayers is effective. Fair Dinkum!


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