Aussie bloke saves Christmas.

artists rendition of eventsArtists rendition of actual events.
I have known for ever my friend Mr D is a hero but on Thursday he proved it to the whole world. I know many small children wonder how Santa manages to get all over the world in one night.  Well on Thursday Mr D and one of his precious daughters found out his secret. Apparently he goes around the world before Christmas stashing gifts and organising inconspicuous modes of transport with train conductor like precision.  Unfortunately on Thursday things went horribly wrong for the big guy. It was very hot and he was in a hurry and neglected to check the oil or water on his old Holden Ute.  It overheated, broke down and poor Santa was reduced to tramping through the heat in search of help. Luckily for him my hero friend was coming along in his heromobile and spotted him. Mr D summed up the problem in seconds and took Santa back to his Ute where together they got it going again. Mr D’s daughter is seen here posing by Santa’s Ute while Santa makes some final adjustments. Thank you Mr D! There is no limit to your talents. You have saved Christmas!

saving the day

Have a very happy Christmas and may all your dreams come true in 2013.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

21 thoughts on “Aussie bloke saves Christmas.”

  1. I love the Christmas lights around the car!! Classic Santa’s sleigh LOL. 😀


  2. Whew! When I first saw that picture, it looked like Santa was “assuming the position”. I was afraid perhaps Officer Scrooge pulled him over because Rudolph’s nose went out….

    Merry Christmas to all!


  3. I love love LOVE this! Merry Christmas to Bob, to the lovely Christmas fairy I see beside him and most of all to you, oh wonderful gentle stitches lady 🙂


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