All aboard the Hurstbridge yarn bomb express!


Trish sent these lovely pictures in from Hurstbridge  I have never seen such an amazing display of yarn bombing. It is a community project to celebrate 100 years of train travel in this are. Click on this link for more information.  A group of knitters have woven and knitted a whole train along the fence and included numerous carriages.
the train

Thanks Trish. They are great photos and thanks for telling us about them.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

21 thoughts on “All aboard the Hurstbridge yarn bomb express!”

  1. How amazing that I drove past this today on my way to the St Andrew’s Market and pointed it out to my passengers. It’s stunning, complex, witty, large and charming. Mind you, Hurstbridge is pretty gorgeous on the whole, too.


  2. It’s great isn’t it ? Some knitting trivia. The Scott’s lead the way in fine detail knitting. The chaps are credited with inventing fair isle!


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