Prayers and candles.

I was so sad and shocked when I heard the news that I thought I wouldn’t post. Then I decided I would. There are no words for this situation just actions and prayers. That is what we are doing here. Saying prayers for all affected.  Prayers from Australia and for all over the world. Everyone is affected.  clink on this link to light a candle for those gone, those left behind and for your self.  To the God of your understanding from the gentlestitches team. Prayers for the community of Newton. CT. USA  and  for victims of violence and injustice everywhere.


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

17 thoughts on “Prayers and candles.”

  1. i just have to hope that out of this horror the people of america rise and ban automatic firearms


  2. Thank-you for sharing this. I am still trying to sort it all out myself and I am not even one of the families affected. My heart is breaking over what those children, teachers, staff, and others affected have gone through and are going through… The pain is simply immeasurable… : (


  3. So absolutely terrible! Just arrived home from a very happy wedding and this was the first item on our TV. Horrifying beyond belief and I am weeping for those parents and for the suffering and terror of the children.
    From The Gympie Lyons Den


  4. This is an international, universal, timeless pain we all share. So much sorrow for the victims’ families, but we’re also united in shared prayers.
    Lovely post.


  5. Thank you Anna. I also believe the best thing to do what ever happens is just keep going. That way the badness only slows people down, it doesn’t stop us. The oldest stories from every religion assure that light will always triumph over darkness.


  6. I firmly believe in the power of prayer. I have seen it help so often. I don’t understand it but I believe in it. Thank you so much Stephanie.


  7. I weep for all the families, just too sad to think of the right words(are there right words?) to bring comfort to people. I think you’re right there are no words just actions and prayers. Thank you for writing this post.


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