Christmas in Carlton

branchI had a lovely surprise when I visited the Carlton library last week. The trees that line the middle of the grassy verge had been Christmassy yarn bombed! What a beautiful idea and how smart they looked.  Carlton has always been a fascinating place. One of the first inner urban areas of Melbourne to attract artists, writers, poets and musicians on a grand scale. It has great eating places, is very multicultural and I can almost remember going to some really good parties there when I was a young knitter.Carlton Rathdowne Street.






I have always hung out in libraries and loved reading what the late great   Mr Bradbury said about them “I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library, and it’s better than college. People should educate themselves – you can get a complete education for no money. At the end of 10 years, I had read every book in the library and I’d written a thousand stories.”

I finish with this ATTD (attention to tiny detail) piece. It sits shyly on the bike rack and has tiny daisies and a beautiful butterfly. I had nothing to do with any of it unless connecting and feeling happy counts. and maybe the odd repair here and rack


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21 thoughts on “Christmas in Carlton”

  1. I am glad he has his own library collection. The libraries in Melbourne are pretty noisy and very welcoming for children. In town we even have a piano that people are welcome to play. They have quiet study areas. I think you would like our libraries.


  2. Love this! 🙂 Beautiful yarn bobbing too : )

    As for libraries, I absolutely love them and so does my oldest, David. However, David still seems to “fail” in understanding the importance of respecting the quiet rule when in libraries so sadly we are not welcome in many right now. However, I am slowly but surely building him his own little library collection so he can still bury himself in his books. : ) He can’t read anymore (used to be able to read basic level and possibly more before a bad regression hit) but he loves to look at the pictures and sometimes he will even imagine a story of his own to go with them. : )


  3. Wow a Christmas yarn bomb- that would be awesome! Im a total library addict, and its rubbing off on my kids- we go every friday afternoon, i love the library!


  4. Entirely my pleasure. If you do make it to Australia you will be delighted with the amount of galleries that are here. Large, small, mainstream, out there, and everything in between.


  5. Gentlestitches, I loved this post of yours! Carlton and the accompanying “yarn bombs” look so warming and a place I’d definitely like to visit someday. Your lovely pics have taken me away from this extremely cold winter weather we’re experiencing here today. Thank you!


  6. I bet you have great libraries out there in the burbs. Libraries are great every where. I used to belong to a library that came to Henley Beach in a caravan. It didn’t have a lot of books but the good thing was they took requests so once a month I could get a fab stack of books to devour which were exactly what I wanted. Don’t you just love getting what you wanted?


  7. I’m very envious of the inner suburbs with their welcoming embrace of urban decorations, libraries, fabulous food and, although you didn’t mention it, public transport. Maybe in another 2 decades, those of us in the outer burbs will have a similar love.

    I was thinking of doing what Anonymous suggested until I remembered that my sheet is a fitted sheet. I might have to go straight to cleaning cloths!


  8. Thanks Anna, luther couple in the end of victorian times both wore black to get more wear out of garments.Of course most of the poor class just wore church best for their wedding cheers deb


  9. Thank you so much Anna. Ray Bradbury wrote the most encouraging and inspirational things about both libraries and writing. Some of my favourite all time reading has been his quotes.


  10. ps. Deb, I loved your account of the proper use of bed sheets. My grandmother has told me of her time as a military wife in India, where the women made their wedding dresses from parachute material! Apparently they were incredibly beautiful too.


  11. I love seeing yarn bombing cropping up all over Melbourne like this! I found a nest yesterday with some wool artfully woven into it and wondered if it might have been some biodegrading guerrilla knitting.

    What a wonderful quote from Mr Bradbury. I share your love and reverence for libraries.

    (Also, yes, connecting and feeling happy definitely counts!)


  12. ah the other thing mothers did was wash out bread bags and reuse them instead of plastic wrap although i have heard of plastic wrap being washed and reused…..Deb from warburton


  13. Hi great blog ‘m telling more friends about it all the time. In mothers time worn sheets were cut down the middle and the outside edges joined to make a more use able sheet or cut up and made into pillow slips, then when then worn out again(one lot lasted 27 children) the final worn material was used as cleaning cloths


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