A Fair Dinkum Church Fete.

DecsThe temperature got to 39C or 100F today but that didn’t deter the people from turning out for the annual Croxton Uniting Church (326 St Georges Rd, Thornbury) Fete. While the rest of the world is freezing we think there is nothing odd about pictures of penguins wearing sunglasses and drinking long cool drinks. As promised this post is about how to make a small Christmas tree. Small Christmas Trees are perfect for the minimalist that likes presents under them. gift wrap.As decoration or as part of wrapping.

Christmas table.

Can you spot the gentlestitches tree hanging with the other decorations? These lovely items were made by Anna Branford and my trees were very proud to be showcased with them. Obviously you can’t have a fete without fairy hair or fortune-telling and naturally there was a Barbecue and delicious Devonshire tea.

pretty fairy hair.

happy chap

On to the serious business of Christmas tree making. Using any size hook with yarn colour of your choice make an amigurumi type cone like this.

slip stitch then chain 2. Chain 6 into second chain. Place marker. Using double crochet stitch increase 1 stitch every 3 stitches until your “cone” is the size you want.

Time to add the embellishments. I initially tried to do this as I went along but I wasn’t happy with the results.crafty tree.embellishment

Place some stuffing eg yarn scraps or wadding.

Then using the crochet hook go around the bottom of the tree crocheting 2 stitches together all around. Do this until you have a tree trunk suitable size and fasten off. Either finish with brown wool and needle across the hole or use the hook to follow along with brown yarn. Enjoy your beautiful tree and email me with any technical questions.


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13 thoughts on “A Fair Dinkum Church Fete.”

  1. Saturday was a wonderful day and the Christmas trees are SO beautiful. I’m trying to muster up the courage to try one. At the moment my crochet hook and I are at a sort of stand off.


  2. That is because it is too huge to fit under such a small tree! You are so learned re geography. A very interesting point and something that sparked debate! I am reasonably intelligent but was unaware of the pole issue. I do like learning stuff. I love cartoons. They don’t have to obey any laws at all. Not physics or thermo regulation or geographical norms. Hooray for cartoons!


  3. I found the tree! But I don’t see my gift under there….. 😉

    I don’t mind seeing penguins in sunglasses! It’s when they put them together with polar bears that bothers me… creatures from two different poles! That kind of stuff only happens in cartoons where squirrels and skunks and cats all get along…..


  4. You must come next year, I just know you will love it. The gentlestitches tree is teeny tiny and hanging from the balsa wood tree, 3rd pic down. Another tree is indeed in front of the HoHo sign. HoHo!!!


  5. I remember fetes with toffee, lamingtons, lucky dips and crazy bike rides. I have to say I can’t spot the gentlestitches tree in the photo. Where is it? Oh, is it in front of the Ho Ho Ho sign, on a little box? This reminds me to hoik out my table tree made from a beautiful banksia skeleton. For want of a better word.


  6. Thank you for commenting Stephanie. I would love to have a “White Christmas” one year. Can you believe we sing “I am dreaming of a White Christmas” every year? I have been reading about Colorado and Boulder. It looks a truly beautiful part of the world.. Hugs back. : )


  7. I’ve never been to Australia. I live in Boulder, CO where it is going to snow this weekend. I’d like to meet a penguin with sunglasses and a cool drink though. Our penguins will be wearing down jackets this weekend and by tomorrow morning we will all be shoveling snow! I love reading your blog and looking at all of the wonderful things you make with your hands. It is delightful. So glad you had a lovely Christmas fair. Big hugs from the other side of the world!


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