Lady Boots.

lady birdsI decided to make a small person who is a huge fan of Violet Mackerel some lady Boots for Christmas. I f you haven’t read Anna Branford’s delightful Violet Mackerel series yet, you have a treat in store.  My favorite is Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot.  I love her theory of small things and love the way Anna Branford has woven encouraging philosophy into a very enjoyable children’s story. Another book in the series is Violet Mackerel’s Natural Habitat. A very compassionate and entertaining story that highlights the need for us to consider the needs of all who share this planet.  As this story is about ladybirds I found a pattern on Etsy here and set about whipping it up.lady brd boots

Then I added the detailslady bird sewing





Next I found a use for one red glove but I have a much more interesting use for it so stay tuned.




Finally I put it all together and here they are. Lady boots fit for a big fan with tiny feet. If I am lucky I might get a photo of the feet and boots together.

small fan boots

Author: gentlestitches

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29 thoughts on “Lady Boots.”

  1. Hi Sharon

    Thanks for all your creativity. Really enjoying the blog and getting the feel for this new world. Did you win blog of the year? It’s nice to see the end products of all that industry in meetings.

    I’ve been checking out word press.

    See you Tuesday.

    Robyn x


  2. Thank you for noticing how different they both are. I secretly (it isn’t a secret now called them Frank and Earnest. Ah yes the single red glove. More on that very soon.


  3. I love that each bootie is a little different – the eyes, the antennae. And I’m looking forward to the chapter where we find out other uses for a single red glove…


  4. those are adorable! 🙂 And I saw in the comments that you have been nominated for a blog of the year award! so cool! Congratulations on that 🙂


  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am thrilled about the nomination. It seems hard work does indeed pay off. Not always the way you think it will but it does pay off! : )


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