Pilot program soars.

The end of the year is approaching and the gentlestiches pilot program “mending is better than ending” at the Jika Jika centre has finished.  Fear not we will be back with many exciting and stimulating courses in all things stitchy.  Check our classes page for more information. Meanwhile we had the pleasure of having a machine sewing lesson with Trish. Her expertise is in decoupage but she is very committed to the “mending is better than ending” lifestyle and showed us many tips and ideas to live a more sustainable life.  Her first point was about edging.

She demonstrated with this very smart towel that was in excellent condition except for its edges.

This is how with a clever whip around with zig zag stitch on the sewing machine we could get a few more years out of this otherwise perfect fluffy towel.

Next she initiated us into the mysteries of bias and bias binding.





She showed us on this diagram that if we want to make something fit tighter or looser don’t mess with the shoulder line.

Just keep it intact and pull in or take out the other areas.

To finish off she gave us each a tiny pillow slip made of polished cotton that had been started but not finished. She explained how easy they are to make out of any material on hand and invited us to finish our sample one. I have almost finished mine but not sure what to do with a tiny perfect pillow case. Any ideas?

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21 thoughts on “Pilot program soars.”

  1. As a graduate of the course, I can definitely confirm it was a wonderful success and so worthwhile for it’s students! I can’t wait to enrol in whatever is being taught next. And as for the mini-pillow….hmmm….is there an amigurumi sleeping beauty who would be glad of it?


  2. Though the activity is quite alien to me, I found the post so fascinating that I need to take a closer look :)Lovely creations indeed,



  3. Maybe a mini dream pillow to put under your grown up pillow at night. I’d write down an inspiring thought to sleep on or maybe a problem I’d like insight on. Or maybe a little treasure bag to slip in your pocket. Fromelle (my little French travelling mascot) thinks the sleeping bag idea is good. Trish is very clever!


  4. For those with lots of jewellery, maybe it could be a travel bag, so the treasures don’t get caught up in all the other finery.


  5. or you can make it into a sleeping bag for a small stuffed animal like those glove squirells you make or from a sock teddy or something (using much smaller gloves and socks though of course) 🙂


  6. I have an idea for the bag. Little “treasures” : ) Or only sew it up half way, trim off one of the sides of unswen fabric, and flip the other one over like a flap. Add a small strap and maybe a small decorative button (or craft made to represent a button) and put with a doll as her purse. 🙂 It would be cute : )


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