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Hands up who has a collection of buttons? Hands up again if you would like to see something beautiful made with them? OK rest your arms now and check this out! This is not about Button the environmentally friendly cat or ideas about sewing buttons. It isn’t even about saxophone buttons.   If you need saxophone assistance at great prices, payment plans and excellent service see below.


It is instead about button art. I found myself last week with my 12-year-old son all ready to sit his music exam but without a piano accompanist. (gasp)  I had known for some time he needed one but as I know many piano players I hadn’t worried about it too much. Suddenly we had a week to the exam and no accompanist.  Every one I knew was working or busy or too late notice and I was starting to panic. Then a lovely woman was sent via divine providence. She had a quick practice with him a few days before and one on the day and every thing went smoothly. The point to this was the beautiful necklace she was wearing. Unfortunately I didn’t have my usual camera and my blurry phone photo doesn’t do it justice. I almost didn’t put the photo in but then I thought “life is short, be precise but not protectionist!” In real life it looked gorgeous.

I asked her about it and she explained the buttons belonged to her mother. She had used florist wire to put them together and had glued some of them on top of each other to give a wonderful rich yet subtle effect. The colours looked exquisite together and would definitely compliment most out fits. The second I get time I am going to try it myself! What a delightful use for sentimental items or just because you want to. I am so glad to have met her and to have learnt about “thinking outside the square” with accessories.

What do YOU think of the use of lovely buttons this way?

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27 thoughts on “More buttons”

  1. That sounds like magical fun. Hmmm.. I just realized we are giving the young people in our lives “magical” memories too and just by being us and spending time with them. What a happy thought. : )


  2. What a fabulous idea! My grandmother had a gorgeous button collection in a big biscuit tin. She sometimes knitted jumpers and things for our teddies/dolls and the best bit was getting to choose a button.


  3. Oh I am full of ideas! What about a new blue garter with a lovely old button sewed on it? and seeing the boys have a new home they could have a button as the entrance. Just the right size for “wiggle room” to crawl through.


  4. I am so glad you managed to hold onto those very special buttons. The quilts sound amazingly wonderful too. All that positive energy infused with goodness.


  5. One of my favorite things that was “almost” tossed in the trash by impatient cousins, was a tin button box that had been my grandmother’s. When she cut up her children’s dresses and shirts into squares to make quilts, she also removed the buttons and put them in the box. My mother has hand pieced, handmade quilts made from her school dresses, and now I have the buttons from all those outfits. On all the girls’ dresses she added pretty and unusual buttons when they were young, and I have some wonderful keepsakes.


  6. wonderful idea! brilliant and fun 🙂 Definitely going to have to try this one out. A little guidance on how to put the florist wire to use though in this? thanks 🙂


  7. I love this! My Nanny and I both have button collections. I would love to pick through them and make one or these.


  8. I’m not much for bangles and baubles these days, but I have used this trick on altered clothing. I love sewing small stacks of buttons on and using beads at the thread holes to decorate and help hold them on. Although, I do like Janette’s idea of crocheting them into a piece! Fun post! ~Lynda


  9. I’d like to find me some of that there florist wire because I have a collection of buttons too. (Actually, I made a piece of Art that went into the local council Show last year, where I sewed some old, old buttons onto some fabric and mounted this in a frame I found at an op shop. It hangs next to my bed now.)


  10. I think you need to get florist wire from your local craft shop and build your self a necklace. I am here to assist you if you have any problems. Buttons are a bit special I think.


  11. Me! I have a button box handed down from my grandmother. This is my most treasured memories as a small child. I spent hours stringing buttons. I also buy buttons from antique stores to add to the collection. I love buttons:-)


  12. I think it’s a great idea. Years ago my mother sent me a box with some of my Grandmother’s sewing things in it. I remember buttons in that. Now I’ve got to find that box.


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