Ninja Pantry Chook.

“Chook”is Australian for chicken. Today’s post is embracing the hand-made gift idea and showing a very clever idea my son’s school had at their recent art show. The pantry chook uses recyclable items and provides a practical beautiful gift. This is what you need. Potpourri  or bouquet garni.   My son used dried orange, lavender and gum leaves.Then he cut out the shape.  Use Felt or any contrasting  material for the beak and comb and two tiny buttons for the eyes.

A small piece of material to cut out 2 bodies. Starting with the wrong side, sew the top seam first working in the beak and comb. Sew all around leaving a gap  at the bottom big enough to turn the chook the right way and put in your potpourri. Sew the bottom seam and then your pantry chook is either finished or it is time to add accessories .

My son added a ninja mask out of black felt so viola!

A ninja pantry chook.


Here is mine happily ensconced in my pantry.

Author: gentlestitches

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18 thoughts on “Ninja Pantry Chook.”

  1. Somehow, every little boy can think of a way to add more ninjas to our lives. Love it. I could use a few ninja chooks in my life! (Or just regular pantry chicks sound nice, too.) Great idea and love that you use what you have!


  2. That’s the great thing about the Aussie saying’ it doesn’t make any sense when first said, but it leads us to ponedr. Tes offered a new one: Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear Beaudy.


  3. What a wonderful idea – your son is so very fortunate to have the influence around of such a highly creative Mother! I’m sure these pieces went over very well! 🙂 Enjoying following your blog very much.


  4. cool idea 🙂

    Sorry I have not been commenting, but I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog and your craft ideas 🙂 Thanks for what you do here 🙂


  5. I bet you could use one of those chooks in the drawer where you keep your Unmentionables, too. Make ’em smell nice. Or spicy.


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