A very prestigious award.

Wake up Croc! The gentlestitches weblog has been nominated for the very prestigious Liebster Award!

There is work involved isn’t there?

Yes, we have heaps of work to do so let’s get cracking. This award doesn’t come easily . There are quite a few hoops to jump through.

OK.  Bunnies move the hoops into position as we say thank you for the nominator (drum roll) Evil Squirrel Nest. A very talented and witty cartoonist who does his bit for the planet by raising awareness about a variety of important causes and more importantly, making people laugh.  A recent and wonderful contribution to women’s health which gentlestitches had the honour of being involved in here.

Pinkblaze reminds us all the importance of proactive health checks






The first hoop is proudly jumped through by an enthusiastic bunny as gentlestitches tells

11 things about herself.

Eleven things about myself.

1.I would like to think I left this world better than when I got here, even if it is only a tiny bit.

2.I didn’t receive much encouragement growing up and  I owe the fact I have had a meaningful and fulfilling life to the people who took the time to encourage me in my pursuits. I try to give back by being a positive role model to young people and encourage them when ever I can.  I love the following saying. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”

3.I am the worst speller I have ever met and even with my good friend “spell check” I still manage to misspell wordds LOL.

4.I have a young son who I hope grows up to find meaningful and satisfying work.

5.I am taking piano lessons in an effort to improve my playing.

6.I love being with other people but also love spending time alone.

7.I have two dogs, one is a pound puppy and the other a poodle and I love them.

8. I have had a life long love affair with  libraries  and museums and this one really fascinates me. The library of king Ashurbanipal at Nineveh.  

9. I am always in the middle of writing something.

10. I always have a craft project on the go with several others waiting in a queue.

11. What ever happens I totally refuse to feel sorry for myself because I know I am lucky to be here at all and I have always been very blessed.

Hoop number two

Now the 11 questions from the Nominator evil squirrel’s nest

  1. What do you like to do when you’re not on the computer?

I teach and write about needle craft (knitting, crochet, hand sewing).  I coordinate a music program at the local primary school in a voluntary capacity. I read, write, make things, cook, clean, garden, look after children, critters and sometimes wrestle demons.  The main thing I am doing at the moment is trying to track down a piano accompanist so my son can take his grade 2  saxophone exam in 6 days time!! Arggg!!!

2If you had a travelling show, and I paid to see it, how would you entertain me?

This would be fun. The children and I would put on a “toiletroll theatre” production and would call it” nuts about Sciuridae” We would give out glovesquirrels to complete the show








3.What is your favourite number.  Note, I said favourite  not necessarily lucky.  I don’t believe in luck, remember?

A. definitely nine. I live at number 9.

4.What famous person would you most like to slap the living crap out of?

A. Oh dear. I have thought and thought and really I can’t imagine my self slapping anything or anyone.  However I was sent this clip and I suppose if my life depended upon it I could do this particular slap. But only once.! Twice tops.

5.If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A. A Koala. They seem to have a pretty good life and they are so cute. and they get to rest when they want to. and they never have to find non existing piano accompanist at short notice.

6.Do you think Pluto should be restored to planet status?

A. This is funny. I mean make up your mind guys! We just changed all the charts again. Seriously  though, unless we change the criteria for what a planet is, Pluto is going to stay a dwarf planet.

7.If you inherited a billion dollars tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would buy?

A. a mobile phone so I could attend to my weblog while I was away from the computer.

8.Then what would you buy for me?

A. I prefer to make my gifts so I would crochet you a suitcase.

and squeeze it chockerblock full of 100 dollar notes. Whoo hoo Aussie style crochet gift.




9.What’s your sign? (I don’t believe in astrology myself, but thanks to an ES art project I did a couple of years ago, I do find it to be fascinating)

A.I am a Libra. Well balanced. Unbalanced. Able to balance. Something about balance.

10.What one former possession that you no longer have would you give almost anything to have back?

A. Some robbers took a really nice bracelet my Grandmother gave me and I would rather like that back. It isn’t looking like that is going to happen though.

11If a squirrel came up to you, would you scritch it?

A. Indeed I would. I would also offer it some appropriate squirrel food after I did a mini thesis on caring for a squirrel because that is what I would do.

Next hoop.

Now it is time to nominate a 5 other people whose blogs I read and appreciate and have less than 200 followers at the moment. Fear not young bloggers, you still get to keep your award when you hit 201 plus followers. This is the hard bit. How will I choose. Also I have no idea how to determine how may followers a blogger has.

Here they are without order.

Mittens Blog Stop. Because this lass can write. One day you will see people reading her books on the train.

Will Ponder  Because I also have a mind that finds itself stopping and thinking Hmm… What if…..

Dog for David.  Because David needs a dog and I need to read he has one. And they are two great kids with an awesome Mum.

Infinatelovecrafts Because this lass has talent and this site is going to be big.

spinelesscritters  Because the world needs more laughter and more cartoons.

Espirational.         Because they remind me to live NOW and to focus on being grateful with what I have rather than being annoyed with what I haven’t  And their blogs are short and sharp and to the point. Just the way I like it. : )

Art does matter.  Because it does.

Winter Owls.         Because I like her Art and her writing and her dog ruby.

Now my nominees here are your questions

1. What is the best thing about living where you do.

2.Tell me about an article of clothing you love or have loved.

3.What is your favourite time of the day.

4. Name 3 things you are grateful for.

5. What was a book you read recently that you enjoyed.

6.Name something you have made with your hands recently.

7.Name two people in your life that always inspire and energize you.

8.What have you found surprising in the blogging world.

9.One thing (of the many things) you are good at.

10. One thing you would like to be good at.

11. Something you have always loved and believe you will always love.

There you are, the final hoop has been jumped and you are free to go and earn your award.


and don’t forget this

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

22 thoughts on “A very prestigious award.”

  1. Thank you so much for nominating my blog for this award! I have a bit over 200 followers so I can’t accept it 😦 . I was thrilled that you liked Ruby and the blog enough to nominate us though! Thank you once again. 🙂


  2. Thank-you for the nomination 🙂 I am sorry it took me a bit to see it. I have been trying to play catch up with the blogs I follow lately (yours included 🙂 ) because I haven’t been doing well at keeping up these last few weeks. lol

    I will try to answer this nomination as soon as I can and thank-you for this kind tribute 🙂


  3. Congrats on your award!
    I love your bunnies. And a very big thank you for the kind words and nomination. It made me very excited!


  4. gentlestitches – sending you a very big congrats on your Liebster award! You truly have one of the most enjoyable blogs and your work displayed here is just as lovely, too. I’m so very flattered that you’ve named my blog as one of your nominees – so very kind of you. And I have to say that the crocheted suitcase is an awesome idea! 🙂


  5. Aw. You are welcome. I love cartoons and Cyril and Willy always make me smile.
    The world needs more laughter and more cartoons. and of course heaps more hand made stuff.


  6. Wow, I was all ready to congratulate you on your big win and the fantastic post that followed… but then to see our name up there on your blog, was just wonderful! Thank you so much for nominating me and The Boys. We are thrilled and very grateful! 🙂 You are such an inspiring person, I love all your projects! Good luck to your boy for his exam. 🙂


  7. Ok, delightful bunnies, croc, puppets and dogs aside, that embroidered suitcase is pretty groovy. And it’s heartening to read about a library that’s survived more than 2,000 years. (Maybe the fact that clay is a more lasting product than papyrus, paper and 00111010s has something to do with it.) And thank you for mentioning my wee blog. I look forward to the day when I have more than 20 followers. XX


  8. Thank you for commenting Ellyn. Yes you really can make a squirrel from a glove. But that’s not all. You can also make a very wonderful monkey from a sock. A great way to recycle single spare socks and gloves and they make great gifts.


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