Button the environmentally friendly cat.

I mentioned in my last button post that we would be meeting a cat called Button who owns a friend of mine. This very large and handsome  boy agreed reluctantly to be  photographed in order to demonstrate the  importance of proactive environmentally friendly cat keeping.
Cats are natural predators and Australia has many endangered and unique flora and fauna but don’t despair. Button is going to lead us through a journey of preservation.

First step is make sure your cat has an excellent well balanced diet. A cat is more likely to be destructive when hungry

Next step is to ensure your cat has a collar with a bell.
Button enjoys some time outside.
button the cat inside.
Button inside for the night.









The best thing to do is keep your cat inside at night. The last thing Button would like to talk about is when circumstances become difficult. If you find yourself unable to care for your cat you must never,ever take your cat to the country and let it go. This is bad for your cat and our wildlife  Instead call your local cat protection society or the RSPCA. They will be able to help you help yourself  your cat and our priceless native flora and fauna.

Button says goodbye and I am not fuzzy, it must be you!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

12 thoughts on “Button the environmentally friendly cat.”

  1. Thank you so much for you comment Aunt Joy. I enjoyed visiting your wonderful prize winning pussy cats in Gympie in Queensland and thought your environmental solution to keeping cats was second to none. Their huge airy living quarters are a tribute to both you and my wonderful,
    inspiring, handsome and very intelligent Uncle Geoff. It was he who gave me my love of animals, museums and writing. Love to you both.


  2. Hello – I am your aunt (by marriage) and I have 5 beautiful cats – 2 moggies, both foundlings as kittens, and 3 lovely pedigree Bengals. All my cats are desexed, registered with the local council and microchipped. They have very nice, large and airy 3 compartment living quarters, when they are not actually under my feet! Gentlestitches has actually visited them here in Queensland.


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