Welcome to the special Halloween edition of gentlestitches. We have been busy decorating our front door with a pumpkin head and sparkly cloth.         The Zombie Bunny Brothers are stumbling over each other and murmuring “must have brains”




What could be more frightening than“slenderman?”. Research and read about him if you dare

Have you seen anything more horrifying than this classic crochet rubber ducky?







Some children from my life showing the costumes they made themselves.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without my amigurumi critters. Here is a terrifying bat made by crocheting around a strip of sequin covered lace.




A scary house dragon

Kirby and Do come out to say “Happy Halloween.

Are you afraid?

Author: gentlestitches

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17 thoughts on “scarystitches”

  1. Thank you for commenting Anna.
    Isn’t Slenderman horrible? I couldn’t bear to put in a link.
    The children couldn’t have found anything scarier.


  2. Oh my goodness, Slenderman is nothing short of terrifying and so are the other children in costume! But I’m sorry, the amigarumis are just plain adorable. That fanged bat is spectacular :). Happy halloween to you and yours x


  3. so cute im right into a baby blanket in granny squares at the moment so much fun with colour will send pics when its done cheers mary


  4. Who could possibly be afraid of things that are so cute! Of course, that’s all in their grand plan…. nobody is going to run from a cute monster. You’d be too busy awwing over them to realize your brain is suddenly being devoured….


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