Melbourne bra walk

I was pleased to be able to support The Melbourne Breast Cancer Bra Walk on October the 20th at Lilydale lake. This event was made possible by the Pinker Sisters and a small army of volunteers.




I had the privilege of helping with the registration. I am the one on the right hugging my lovely friend Debra. On the left is the wonderful Karen who is one of the busiest women I know, has her own health issues, but somehow still found time to do a mountain of work for the cause.

We were also blessed to have the help of these two young men who worked tirelessly and it really did get very busy at times.







Having received and given out help in my life and definitely would prefer to be on the side   capable of helping. I posted about this because  I want every one to know the single most powerful weapon we have regarding breast cancer today is early detection.  Learn how to check your self. Think about it, talk about it and read about it.

The bra walk is about raising awareness and also about raising money  There was a good turn out, a lot of money raised and heaps of fun had.  Apart from the walk there was great music, prizes, dancing, entertainment, singing and gifts.

The money went to support the Yarra valley ladies and all the great work that is done at the Maroondah breast clinic.

One of the highlights of the day for me was seeing this wonderful painting entitled “sharing the journey”   be donated to the Maroondah clinic by artist Tracy Moore  .  This painting will be hung in the waiting room at the Maroondah breast clinic and hopefully make the people there feel a little better. The painting reminds us we are on our own journey but we are not alone.  We have travelling companions. This is a photo of Tracy Moore and some beautiful children, most of whom are hers.

Well that’s all from me about this super good cause and now I want every one to start thinking about what part you can play in next year’s walk. and….. check, check, check.


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

11 thoughts on “Melbourne bra walk”

  1. What a fabulous concept with fabulous pictures to match! Thank you for the link too. This is a bit of a thing in my family and I am more pro-being-informed than I can possibly say xx


  2. Her name is Blaze, and she will be making her comic debut in my upcoming edition shortly.

    And of course you may use her for awareness raising!!! I would be honored and am beyond flattered!!


  3. OMG!!! I love her. Does she have a name?
    I knew you were amazing!!!

    Please may I incorporate her into awareness raising?
    I shall abide by all artistic copyright laws and ensure
    credit is given where it is due.
    It was a hilarious and very fun day. : )


  4. OMG! Bras for a good cause! What a unique event! Looks like it was a fun way to raise money for research…

    Here is a little tribute I did last October for Breast Cancer Awareness….


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