More Dragons.

As promised here is some more information about the  Jika Jika Dragon. This fabulous piece of art was made by Leila Boakes.

This lovely Aussie Barbecue is another one of Leila Boakes works.  I love the little bird. Look carefully, can you spot it?






Next is this wonderful planter.





Ami Dragon  and Jack  had a little rest on the big dragons

The Zombie Bunny Brothers  were there too but I suggested they come back with some friends for Halloween and they agreed they would.
Click on the link for the FREE pattern.





As I leave I take a backward glance at the Guardian of Jika Jika and I am certain she is smiling. Perhaps it is her new green friend I left with her or just because she is a happy sort of Dragon. What do you think ?

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

9 thoughts on “More Dragons.”

  1. Hooray! It looks to me as though the dragons got along famously! I must say, I rather like the idea of letting our demons relax in the sun. Perhaps this kind of approach encourages them to leave us alone for a while!


  2. The dragon is obviously smiling for the same reason I am… those little critters you introduced to her are so cute! I especially love the Zombie Bunny Brothers! Your work is fantastic!


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