All about buttons.

Buttons lovely buttons. Not so lovely when they pop off and end up in the salad as they have been known to do.  At the risk of causing serious eye rolling  I have to say “check the buttons on your favorite items and sew them on tight if they seem a bit loose.”  Or move them over thereby giving your garment and your self more room to enjoy dessert.   This goes for all sexes. (seriously)  You don’t have to do it right away. Pop the item in you mending bag, near your tool box and feel virtuous because getting set up is 75% of the work done. Guilt has been officially banned from this site. Anyone reading this post is completely absolved from guilt and is only allowed to feel pride in their achievements.

Now back to the subject of buttons. I mentioned the subject of signs last post. I am not particularly superstitious but the week leading up to my course I kept getting funny little serendipitous things happening and interestingly readers reported similar experiences.

Now on my way to my friend’s house yesterday I was thinking about buttons and how the next gentlestitches class at Jika Jika was on basic fabric repair and the use and sewing on of buttons.  This is what happened when I got to my friend’s house.

First she showed me some lovely things she had got from Savers the recycle superstore.

All sorts of lovely items.  Many of them brand new, still with their original tickets. Including this quite amazing brand new Chanel coat which looked perfect on my friend.  How generous are people who take the time to get their unwanted items to a charity.? In the end it benefits everyone.

The item she most wanted to show me was this coat.                  








She liked the coat, she explained, but was disappointed because it had 2 buttons missing. She was standing in the shop wondering if she  should get it anyway when she noticed something in the left pocket. She rather carefully put her hand in and pulled out these. The original buttons plus some other black buttons.






That wasn’t the end though. Checking the other pocket she found this. Needle and thread.

Well I think that is a rather good story to kick off our basic fabric repair and button sewing workshop.  Stay tuned for more tales on how to choose and attach buttons, save time, money and the planet. Another treat will be a guest appearance from a  fabulous cat called Button who owns a friend of mine.

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10 thoughts on “All about buttons.”

  1. How odd, to find the needle and thread in the pocket, wouldn’t you love to know the story behind it?


  2. Yes good point. The only way to get it done on the run is to have a mending bag with the live in basics. Scissors, black and white thread, and pincushion with needles in it. Setting up a mending bag or basket will make you feel wonderful. Have a recycling bag too and give away the things you don’t like or don’t want to mend. Cast off these burdens and feel lighter! Thank you so much for commenting on my page.


  3. Ah, this has inspired me because I usually only make resolutions to sew on my buttons securely after just having lost a crucial one! I also LOVE the way this post links so much with the discussion in the comments of the other one about signs. I’m a huge believer in them too and I don’t think they get much stronger or more direct than the ones you’ve described here!


  4. I think you hit on something that’s pretty universal…it’s no huge effort to sew on a button, yet it’s so easy to put the project off. I’m fully capable of putting one on, but I (embarrassingly) admit that I’ve had several items out of commission for a long time because of a missing button… The life of a busy mom. : )


  5. Bob is always popping buttons, I finally learned when I make him a shirt if there are extra buttons to sew them to the bottom of the shirt. I like thiis post.


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