A Flag a Dragon and a Greenhouse

Gentlestitches opened its “Mending is better than ending” course last evening at the Jika Jika community centre. There doesn’t exist, a better venue than Jika Jika for a course that promotes sustainability. For the sake of brevity I have chosen the following 3 top reasons why Jika Jika is so excellent.

The first reason is the flag of the first Australians is on their webpage and front door along with this :

Jika Jika Community Centre would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the Traditional Custodians of the Land. We would also like to pay respect to the Elders both past and present of the Wurundjeri Nation and extend that respect to other indigenous Australians who are present in our community.

The past can be used as a learning tool. One world, one chance.                                          Everything that happens affects everyone.

The next thing I love about the centre is the Dragon.  Wow. How amazing is it? This is a work of art, a seat and a piece of play equipment for the play group children.  I personally have had some very interesting conversations with some very interesting people while sitting on this dragon.  Who made this magnificent dragon? Stay tuned. I will tell you soon

Now the final reason I am so impressed with Jika jika community centre is (drum roll) this. Jika Jika is one of five “Greener houses growing greener” in Melbourne. They showcase, educate, give advice and demonstrate how to live a sustainable lifestyle. They also do a lot for the community in terms of practical , educational and social support.  Have a look at their web page and check out what is going on. Don’t forget the gentlestitches team is running environmentally sustainable work shops all year round so think about signing up for one. We will be having sewing, knitting and crochet for all levels so check the brochures. More next time.

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the future is in our hands.

25 thoughts on “A Flag a Dragon and a Greenhouse”

  1. Thank you so much for commenting Leila. It is lovely to see the children playing on the Dragon. Crochet lessons for all levels will begin term 2 next year and I guarantee you will leave with a small completed item each class. : )


  2. Hi ,It’s so touching to read all these comments about the dragon,I am so glad that people appreciate it.I’m not around Jika as much as I used to be,but when I am I feel such satisfaction to see people using it as I hoped they would ,when I designed it,very heartening .
    Thank you,Leila Boakes
    P.s I am keen to learn crochet and also happy to offer advice on anyone interested in making a seat like this themselves


  3. Oh they would absolutely love getting to climb all over that dragon 🙂 and David would probably at some point find a stick and start acting like he was on either a horse or a pirate boat lol He enjoys just about everything, but just about everything eventually gets “turned into” a cowboy or pirate adventure too lol Or trains lol 🙂 And Joshua would be the one to claim the dragon was his new best friend so now we can’t leave without it. lol That always causes plenty of adventures of its own because of course we can’t take all his new “friends” home with us. lol


  4. It is Creeds Farm and yes, it is far out. F-a-a-a-a-a-r-r-r-r out. If there are dragons they are well hidden or very shy. Shyer than fairy wrens because I’ve seen them in my garden.


  5. I’m pretty chuffed that one of the five is my local neighbourhood house, too. (No dragon, but.)


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