If this isn’t nice I don’t know what is.

I  adore  Kurt Vonnegut and someone sent this to me yesterday. Immediately I thought of our holiday at Barwon Heads and visits to nearby Ocean Grove. If that wasn’t nice I don’t know what is. : )  Kurt employed “poetic licence” from time to time which makes me love him even more.

Sadly Kurt isn’t with us any more so it is up to us to sometimes look around and say “if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is”

We had a great time on our holiday and before I accept that the holidays really are over and everyone including me is back at work and has been for a week, I have to put in 2 quick plugs for the living sustainably way. First is the Ocean Grove Library.  This library has state of the art facilities including free wi-fi for 3 hours, access to PC’s and a large range of books, DVD’s magazines, CD’s etcetera. Visitors  are made to feel very welcome and I noticed some young backpackers being  helped to log into a PC by very patient staff.  We got some great books to look at over the holidays. Libraries really are the ultimate and ahead of their time in sustainable living. I am never going to stop purchasing books but I love libraries. What a wonderful concept.

Last plug is for KAIROS IN GROVE a truly beautiful
Ladies Fashion and Accessories shop. OK I almost got to the end of October without buying anything new but not quite. This garment was too lovely to pass up and I thought would be just the thing for the course I am teaching. More than that however I was very impressed with the way this shop contributes. They have a rack of very beautiful new or near new clothes that people donate and the money raised goes back into the local community. Most impressive KAIROS IN GROVE, you get a big gentlestitches tick for sustainability and your clothes and fabrics are unique and lovely.                  

This is a picture of the garment. It is surprisingly light and can be worn as a jacket which makes it perfect for our changeable Melbourne weather. KAIROS IN GROVE can be found at 83 The Parade, Ocean Grove. Victoria. 3226. Phone number is 5255 3688.

Today is a good day, it is the only one we have.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

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