Bollards of Barwon Heads

We were lucky to be able to spend the second half of the Melbourne school holidays at Barwon Heads. The Bollards which were painted by local Artist Jan Mitchell (1940  2008) greeted us and made us feel welcome.

They were originally used to help local school children find their way along bike paths and parks to school. They are lovely and stand cheerfully and quite unobtrusively all over Barwon Heads.  They were the first Bollards Jan Mitchell painted and although all her  bollards are wonderful, I like the Barwon Heads ones best.

As my son and I were the first to arrive at the beach house, we hurried about getting everything set up. We turned on the power and water and began airing the house out. The house was unusually musty because it had been shut up for some time and I had the idea of burning a small vanilla centered candle to make the house smell nice. The only problem was the candle had been a Christmas gift and was in the shape of a tiny white dove. It seemed too good to burn.





After some discussion we decided to use the candle. It was a very peaceful welcome for the others.

Our timing in using it was just right because candles are not made to keep well for a long time.

Considering this is buy nothing new month I decided that when I returned home I would  look around for any unused gifts such as soaps, lotions or perfumes and either use them or gather them up and give them to my favorite charity while they could still be of use to someone.  I hate to point it out but the end of the year is approaching and good bath and shower products are always very much in demand.  Will you join me? Grab your recycling bag and gather up some items.  Take them to your local opp shop, charity or women’s shelter.

Next stop was to my favorite opp shop.  All Saints Anglican Church Opp shop.  61 to 63 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads.  This shop has the most diverse and interesting array of goods imaginable including a whole room devoted to books. The staff are lovely and helpful and this year the children stocked up with things necessary for their sock monkeys and I got this beautiful linen skirt for 5 dollars.

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10 thoughts on “Bollards of Barwon Heads”

  1. Such a lovely post and I’m so glad you decided to use the candle in the end. Yes, I’ll join you in donating some of those sorts of things. I always seem to have lots!


  2. My favourite op shop WAS in Heidelberg, on St Hellier St. It was small enough that I didn’t get lost in it and I bought a fabulous cashmere coat for $10 there. Sadly, it is no more.


  3. I also have had the pleasure of spending time in Barwon Heads and been delighted by the bargains and community spirit of the local op shop.


  4. my favourite op shop currently is treasure corner in Wray crescent in <t Evelyn, the proceeds go to orphans in India thooe clothes are nice the staff friendly good books and fair prices mostly under 5 for clothes, i got 5 books from my favourite Author Kerry Greenwood recently for 15 dollars great find Kate Mt Evelyn


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