October is buy nothing new month!

The Sacred Heart Mission encourages us to purchase some things from their opp shops but it’s just as much an opening for us to mend something rather than to replace it.

Before leaving for your local thrift shop dont forget to pack a bag of somethings you no longer use. Feel really good about yourself that you have helped people out who are less fortunate than yourself and you are less cluttered. Wow, you are amazing!

So in the spirit of this concept I have personally had a go at two of my favorite ways of avoiding adding more “stuff” to my home. I was in need of a new steering wheel cover. I live in the inner city and rely more and more on my bicycle and public transport to get around.  I am a firm advocate of “burn fat not oil”  which I always think of when I am riding my bike. I love public transport because I can catch up on some sewing, knitting or crochet. Many of the people I know in the inner city are getting rid of their cars or like some younger people I know, not bothering with a car in the first place. When I visited some friends who went to New York years ago I was initially surprised they didn’t have a car. I soon worked out why though as we walked every where or got public transport or cabs. Back in my world, the steering wheel of my old car was getting tacky and sticky. I think those words mean they same thing, ick! So I went into my stash cupboard, got some wool and yarn bombed the steering wheel   Not only did I keep out of the shops but I also used some of the stuff already in the house. What do you think?
Do you have a car? Could you imaging your life without owning one?

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

10 thoughts on “October is buy nothing new month!”

  1. I do very well (most of the time anyway) without a car but then I live somewhere with staggeringly good public transport. I didn’t know about October being buy-nothing-new month! Looking back I think I may not have bought anything anyway, so I shall do my best to keep it up!


  2. Well done! I admire people who take care of their things. Also like the “love your car and it will love you” I have had mine since 1995 and it it still loves me.


  3. Gotta have a car around here, but I’ve had mine for 12 years, and hope it’s still running in another 12 years… and it’s just a cheap old Neon. Love your car, and it will love you! I’m sure my car would love a cover like that, but it’ll have to settle for the Evil Squirrel bumper sticker I slapped on the back of it….


  4. mm no public transport here but a good plan where there is some, i did crotchet some car seat covers years ago, they were cheap useful and washable, they were in granny squares threaded with hat elastic to fit cheers bushy


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