The key to sustainable living.

 The key to a more sustainable lifestyle is being organized.

To get started, select two bags. One will be for repairing and the other for recycling. The next step is to decide where to keep them.  I personally keep mine in a small nook I think was originally intended as a broom closet. If you look to the right of the unimpressed poodle you will see a pile of “stuff” Those are the items waiting to be repaired or recycled.

It doesn’t matter where you put your bags, just make sure you can access them easily and they don’t slow you down by making you walk around or jump over them. Now you have your bags and your toolbox and you are ready to go.

Next stop your wardrobes and cupboards. There is no hurry with this step. Think of it as an ongoing project.  I am passionate about the subject of de cluttering and firmly believe “if you don’t love it, set it free” (move it on, get rid of it, give it away, sell it)  If you see something you can part with, put it in the recycling bag. If you find something you love but it needs repair, put it in the repair bag.  You are almost there! Believe it not, most of this work is about preparation and that is almost done. Coming posts will provide detailed tutorials on how to repair a wide variety of items.


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

5 thoughts on “The key to sustainable living.”

  1. Ok! I have a granny-square-crochet rug that needs SERIOUS repairs. It is the first item to go in my new, um, repair bag. I’m not ready to repair it yet but I’m ready to put it in the bag. I can do that much.


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