Being very careful with scissors

Last week I finally got around to seeing the movie Edward Scissorhands. It was one of those movies that I always wanted to see but somehow just kept missing. I was impressed of course. Great acting, music and script. There seemed to be a thread of gentleness and kindness that ran throughout the movie and I found the ending quite moving.   I challenge anyone to watch it and not be at least a tiny bit moved but perhaps my lifelong fascination with scissors made me more in tune with the film. The above image is supplied by Demotivational pictures.

Now that I have you thinking about scissors I want you to think about a special pair of scissors for yourself. The reason they will be special isn’t because they are made out of gold or imported from some amazing place but because they are to be exclusively yours.

Let’s just check we have our tool boxes and our thread.  A friend of mine pointed out the thread doesn’t have to be cotton and she is right. Any type of thread is just fine.  I have noticed recently that multi thread packs are available in many of the discount type shops and some of them come with needles and this one even had a tiny pair of scissors.

So today along with the thread I want you to put in your tool box a pair of scissors. These scissors must be clearly marked and if you live with other people they must be told (quite firmly) that they must never touch these scissors. For some reason scissors, unless hidden or tied down seem to develop a life of their own and go wandering about the house. That is why your sewing scissors need to live only in your tool box. If you decide to sew or repair something and find the scissors are not in your tool box you might find you have lost momentum and suddenly it is all a bit hard and perhaps you will do it “tomorrow”

  Check back soon as we put the finishing touches to our toolboxes and get ready to find out how satisfying and fun, mending our world can be.

Author: gentlestitches

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14 thoughts on “Being very careful with scissors”

  1. I plan to take my son and some friends to see this movie over the school holidays. I look forward to discussing it with every one next week. Thank you for the scissor spotter Wilhelmina


  2. Just saw “Moonrise Kingdom” which has a small but important role for a pair of beloved scissors. We’ll need to discuss whether they’re good or bad after you’ve seen the movie. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.


  3. Hi! I just tagged you in this ’11 facts’ wordpress game, you’re welcome to not continue the tagging game if you don’t want to, or if it doesn’t fit your blog.

    Also, I love Edward Scissor Hands! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it though, almost ten years.


  4. Thank you for commenting on my blog Bea. Your comment made me laugh.
    I suspect our only hope is to to adopt a clandestine approach and have a pair of scissors for “our eyes only” .


  5. HaHa the concept of having a pair of “good scissors” which are to be treated with awe because of the important jobs they do is just what I plan to promote. The flip side of “bad scissors” lurking some where is compelling and very funny. The strange tale of the “wrong scissors” Love it.


  6. I’m very territorial about my scissors too, Sharon! I remember a comedian (one of the Doug Anthony All Stars maybe?) telling the story of his mum who used to talk about using the ‘good scissors’, an idea that worried him in case, somewhere, lurked the ‘bad scissors’. I love that! And I loved Edward Scissorhands too.


  7. I love my scissored and am always going on about how they are MINE but suspect little fingers use them when I’m not around.


  8. I might get myself another pair, just for my toolbox. I have one Massive, Fabulous, Very Sharp pair that I hide in my bedroom for the very reasons you outline. Because they’re a secret, though, I can never bring them out of my bedroom. Maybe a fresh pair that are (is?) smaller will manage to reside in my toolbox. Alongside the dead cheap packet of multi-coloured thread already there.


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