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Today as part of our repair,reuse and recycle plan we are going to choose a tool box to hold our tools. We have been talking about choosing a tool box that is the right fit and we already have our two spools of thread ready for it.  No doubt your Great Grandmother had a tool box.  What it was called, what it held and what it was made of would have depended  where she originally came from.  It could have been made of paper, straw, wood or a woven material.  It might have been called a mending kit or a sewing basket.  Below is the type used my Grandmother.

This is a very smart box which appears to hold everything

You can use a paper bag or box

shoebox and paper bag as tool box

We have been duped into believing it was acceptable to use something for a short time and then discard it. It isnt acceptable. It is depleting the planet of resources making a few very wealthy and taking away our power. From now on you decide what you want to keep. If you want to get rid of something, give it to the charity of your choice or sell it. If you love it but it needs repair, repair it(I will show you how in the coming weeks).  It is important to be prepared and having the tool box handy and ready to go is the first step.  This way there is no time-wasting or frustration with searching for the right tool.  

Look around you, choose a container to use just for your 3’Rs and check back here to find out the best way to stock it. Remember the future is in our hands.  Humans have had many challenges and always risen to the. Never give up. You can make a difference. Now go and chose that tool box!

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

17 thoughts on “Home repairs”

  1. Thanks. Sounds just like what I have in there. I call it a seam ripper but unpick works just as well. 🙂 Small pliers??? That’s in my craft stuff but now that I think about it, I have forceps in the sewing room to hold onto little things. Hmmm.

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  2. I was wondering what you have in your toolbox other than needles, threads, scissors and pins. I have a sewing box that sits next to my chair for fixing and embroidery. I love hand sewing. It’s relaxing. Ms Snail brought me here. I work hard to save my things and have clothes more than 20 years old. Everything gets fixed that can be.


  3. Thank you so much for that. I agree, everyone needs a personalized mending kit. No has the time to be looking around for scissors, thread or needles. Much better to “grab ‘n go”. This way we can even do it while we are waiting somewhere. 🙂


  4. You posted this some time before I found your blog and I just read it today. I have put a link to this page on my own blog, as I have quite a few frugal friends and I think all of us can use a mending kit. I have a sewing kit that I inherited from a friend last year. I won’t make changes to it, as I like it the way she had it; however, it’s modern, covered in brown suede with a bentwood handle. Nice, but not exciting. So now you’ve got me thinking of creating a more decorative kit of my own, just for the fun of it. So one more thing on my list . . . Thanks for the ideas! ~ Linne


  5. These ideas are all so close to my heart Sharon and I love all your nifty storage suggestions, to suit every budget. We’re so seldom advised to assume we already have what we need if we look hard and think carefully – it’s wonderful advice, I think!


  6. My toolbox is an ugly thing (in my opinion) I received as a gift. Can’t throw it out, can’t gift it on. So it stays in the cupboard, out of sight until I need it. It does the job, though.


  7. Thank you for posting. I believe if we have the tools ready we are more likely to do the job. A repair job can take 5 mins if we don’t have to factor in the time spent getting it all ready.


  8. how interesting and what a great idea, ive got an old sewing box in green that ive had for ever im getting it out


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