Emergency sewing kit.

Two spools of cotton and a Huckleberry Finn Hat.

Today I want you to look around and find some sewing cotton which will be placed in your fabric or paper temporary tool box. If you cant find any cotton then I encourage you to buy at your nearest, cheapest store, a spool of both black and white. These two shades are very versatile and can be used for most repairing tasks.

Now what has this to do with a Huckleberry Hat perched on a puppet? Well today we are getting our first tools ready for our tool box.  Invaluable tools to have when mastering our 3Rs (Repairing,reusing and recycling) are two spools of cotton. Fans of Mark Twain will notice the signature hat of Huckleberry Finn and perhaps be reminded of Tom Sawyer’s famous fence painting scene. However it was not that particular story that caught my imagination but rather the story of Aunt Polly. Tom Sawyer is caught skipping school to go fishing by his cousin who points out that Tom left that morning with white cotton on his collar but at supper sported black cotton. Tom escapes out the window to avoid punishment and Aunt Polly inspires generations of people to put together a minimalist emergency sewing kit.  The puppet was made by a very creative 8-year-old daughter of a friend of mine.

It is better to have these two spools at your ready disposal than a full-blown kit which you have to find, set up and then pack up again when you have completed the task. Sometimes sewing on a button seems like a mammoth task because of all the preparing. That is why we want to make it as straight forward as possible .You now have your space, your fabric or paper and over the next few days hunt down those spools of cotton.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) has been causing some controversy lately and indeed some criticism. Nothing new here as he was just as  conversational in his own time. An aspect of Mark Twain that can’t be debated is that he made a great contribution to the English language and that his literary quotes are used daily. An appropriate quote to end on would be “clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” Next time. How the crochet jacket is coming along and are you working on anything crafty at the moment?

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

8 thoughts on “Emergency sewing kit.”

  1. Sound advice about the emergency sewing kit (I think my most heroine-like moments have been associated with my ability to produce a needle and thread at an unlikely but opportune moment!) and a wonderful puppet.


  2. What’s Mr Twain been up to that he’s causing a ruckus now, such a long time after his reported death? Perhaps that report was exaggerated… As for my tool box, I have the thread (although it may not be cotton) and some needles.


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