New meets old.

Ancient fiber art meets 2012 technology. 


The image today is of my tablet nestled comfortably in a felted purpose-built case. Felting is the art of  matting wool and all cultures claim to have invented it.   When I started this site I anticipated  questions about dropped stitches and the best way to cast off. This hasn’t been the case. instead I have had questions about the cleaning of certain wool and cotton garments. In particular I have had an email asking how to get stains out of wool. This does of course depend on what caused the stain but the important thing is, If it is wool do not put it any near your washing machine.  Unless you want to cut it up afterwards and make something like the cover which is the way I felted the wool.

The question I received made me realize that with the “create your own wearable art” renascence, an important skill practiced by our ancestors  has also resurfaced. The very important art of restoration and preservation of delicate fibers.   Like the tablet cover, old really does meet new. I f you have any questions regarding the proper care of any and all fabrics you have come to the right place.  Next post, the next step in making our tool box.

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

6 thoughts on “New meets old.”

  1. Thanks Anna, the background photo is of a felted knitted bag which inspired the pendo pad cover. Felting is such a versatile medium. No wonder is has become so popular.
    Your adorable Gravatar made me smile as it is a reminder that we can achieve a lot
    if we work together


  2. What a beautifully made pendo pad case! I love the way it frames the screen. I wonder if it’s the source of the background photo for the blog? If so, it looks amazing in both photos.

    Loving your work here and always looking forward to your updates!


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