The right tool.

Ralph demonstrates the importance of the right tool.

Here at Gentlestitches I am committed to giving instruction in the 3 R’s. Repairing, reusing and recycling. In order for you to do  this it is imperative you have the right equipment. Do not rush out and purchase anything! We are going to put together our tools and tool box with a minimum of cost or effort. Don’t rush it, just do it one step at a time and you will be amazed how quickly you become organized.

Mission for today. Allocate a small space in your house about the size of a shoe box that will hold your equipment. That’s it! You have taken the first step towards getting organized.

 Bad workers blame their tools how often have we heard this idiom? Chances are where ever in the world you live you will have heard it. Chinese, Hindi, Russian just to name a few, all have variations on this theme. Idioms are of course  metaphors and not to  be taken literally. Having clarified that, I must point out that this particular idiom really fascinates me in its wrongness. ” what?”I hear you cry “this  Australian women is challenging 1000 year old wisdom?” Well yes I am. I am the first person to admit when I am wrong and take responsibility for my mistakes. However during some years of being “financially challenged”and being forced to improvise  wildly, I realized that if you use a dodgy tool you will get a dodgy result.

Back to tools. Ralph, the small white poodle in the accompanying image is only as good as he is because of the tiny but strong pliers he showcases. Ralph is about 2.5 inches high. He was inspired by my favorite amigarumist Anna Paula . I found it was impossible to pull the darning needle through Ralph’s body when attaching his legs.  These little pliers made the difference between a  result that was so so and dear Ralph.

I would like to change the idiom to” a good worker forced to use dodgy tools will end up wanting to shriek with frustration”” Perhaps it will take on. Who knows? Every one of our expressions started somewhere.


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4 thoughts on “The right tool.”

  1. definitely words to live by Anna. Most of us today have so much “stuff” that a quick look around will procure the item we need without leaving our home. I call it “going shopping at home”


  2. I much prefer the alternative idiom and can definitely see it catching on! I also feel particularly warm and open to any advice that begins, \”Do not rush out and purchase anything\”. Words to live by!

    And Wilhelmina, love the newly-coined and freshly-minted puns – I think you\’re right on the money and I don\’t mind cashing in myself.


  3. Thanks Wilhelmina, I would like to encourage a bit of fresh tarrying in this
    world of haste. Gentle fresh-minted tarrying. Rolling pin optional.


  4. No wonder it’s called GENTLE stitches. This is such a gentle and delicate step in the direction of having some useful tools. In fact, I think a useful tool is also your newly-coined, fresh-minted (see? I did it again – I made a pun. Thanks for noticing my last one, Anna) idiom. I’ll try to remember it when next I try to tenderise some meat with a rolling pin.


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