a new project which will hopefully become a smart warm jacket. I will post it’s progress.


What can compare with the excitement of a new beginning?

What ever the situation or time allowed, eventually one has to abandon the preparation and step forward into that “first time”

Who can remember a special “first time?”

Starting a new job, going on a date, unpacking the items needed for a special project?Life is full of changes and new beginnings.

Today officially launches the gentlestitches web page.

As someone who has commenced and finished many projects I do believe the true magic exists in the beginning. It is like a dawn of a new day filled with promise and hope and some times dread and fears. The only certainty is that, we really do not know how it will all end up.

I am gentlestitches  known as Sharon. I am interested in and plan to teach all aspects of fabric repair, knitting, crochet and hand sewing. 

I will be promoting my classes which will be held at the Jika-Jika neighborhood house. Union Street, Northcote.

What I offer on this web site and always free are practical instruction and answers to all  questions. From where did my “dropped stitch go?” to”“How do I do a ribbed border on my cardigan using a crochet hook only?”

Feel free to email or use the questions and answers page. I have a commitment to answer every email-and question as quickly as possible.

So sit back and get ready to tap into the skills of your ancestors as I help you to bring out the dormant but definitely there, fun, creative, environmentally necessary hand skills.Don’t forget “Mending is better than ending!!” Go on grab your favorite item that is torn but you can’t bear to throw it away, get out your sewing needles, find some knitting needles or crochet hook and join me in creating a “sew fun” future!


Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

8 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Aww thank you dear nephew! fear not! Your Aunt Sharon is alive and well
    just working like a dog at the moment. 🙂 I still stop by at the nest regularly.


  2. I’m getting a bad case of stitch-itch too – I love the idea of tapping into the skills of my ancestors…

    Wilhelmina, I see what you did there! It was seamless! I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what comes next…


  3. I’m getting itchy-stitchy just reading about the choices! Good luck Sharon and the whole darn team. (See that? I made a pun – darn. Get it? Darn!)


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