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Ranger’s Blog Hop

My contribution to Stuart’s blog-hop.Stuart doing one of the many things he did best. Contemplating and making every one who saw him feel both peaceful and energised. Real Stu and mini-Stu. Mine is a crocheted piece which fozziemum and I … Continue reading

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amigurumi fox pattern

Pattern for amigurumi foxes. a group of foxes getting ready for a pop up market two foxes showing off their tails. This fox is ready for his closeup. Visit ravelry.com for this pattern and many others.  Jack the dog and … Continue reading

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ami eyes

An article about amigurumi eyes and eyelids from Squirrel Picnic inspired me to rethink Tatty the Brindle kelpies eyes.  I obtained her very unique eyes from Suncatcher Craft eyes and I was happy with them but something was missing even with the black eyeliner … Continue reading

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gentlestitches entry for the 2nd annual Evil Squirrel completion.

Serious gamer’s get VERY excited. Presenting a brand new SNES found at Savers thrift store and still in it’s box! Rainbow Donkey is challenging Croc to a round of Super Mario All Stars while a large group of amigurumi critters wait … Continue reading

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my amigurumis visit America for a party!

Are you ready for the festivities? December 31, 2014 by Squirrel Picnic Happy New Year! I’ll be ringing in the new year with the Squirrel Picnic gang and special guest amigurumis from Australia for as long as I can keep my eyes open. … Continue reading

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