Pocket Pal Monsters

Josh holding crochet pocket pal monsters








I have followed the progress of one of ravelry’s newest designers, youngatfifty for some time now. She creates the most wonderful work with her magic crochet hook.  I road tested her pattern for Pocket Pal Monsters, and as you can see they were well received. Percy with crochet Pocket Pal Monsters









Presenting Peter and Paula, Pocket Pal Monsters! For the FREE (just in time for Christmas) pattern click on the link. Enjoy!


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Meet George!

I recieved a delicious treat in the mail today from my one and only very special “pignew” Bacon. I have a lot of history with this wee porker. He served as a model for my first published amigurumi pattern and he must have been good luck for me because my patterns on ravelry.com continue to do well.  If you would like to amigurumi your very own Bacon the pet pig (come on admit it you want to) click here for the FREE pattern.  sock monkey gift from Bacon from pig love

So my special surprise was a sock monkey from Georgia USA! I have made and helped make sock monkeys but never had one of my own UNTIL TODAY! Isn’t he lovely? I have named him George and he is placed up high away from children and anipals.  I love him! Thanks Bacon! and all at the Hotel Thompson.

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Learn to Knit a Pussy Cat!

Due to the success of the last knit Out Learn to Knit program, creating a welcome and gentlestitches invite you to another free Knit Out this Saturday.  If you can’t make it and you are on facebook, please show your support by giving the creating a welcome site a like or thumbs up.  We will be making cats from squares and also nests with eggs. Not afraid to tackle the big issues let me say it is possible to keep domestic animals whilst protecting the environment.  Just ask fozziemum who has recently installed a cat enclosure which she calls “kitty day spa” and my Uncle and Aunt from Gympie who have a most ingenious and comfortable large cattery under their beautiful high set Queenslander.  click here for economical tips on keeping your cat safe and social.
flyer for 2nd knit out for creating a welcome.

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up in the sky! it’s a ……

gentlestitches Shane in roof gym







It isn’t finished yet but here is the beginning of the one and only gentlestitches gym. Obviously it lacked crochet but fortunately for me, I won a contest at Teddy and Tottie which solved the problem.

christmas bunting hung in the gym






Beautiful Christmas bunting which will not only look Christmassy but will also brighten up the space until it is painted and etcetera…  Christmas bunting can be made with a variety of shapes including these lovely hearts.  Things are about to get insanely busy so before I commence I will begin my fitness regime.

I might even try it without standing on a ladder. (not!) hanging around the gym







Although highly admiring of all the fit people, my fitness program will be a gentle dog walk, a cup of tea and a crochet hook. Do you enjoy a walk? 




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knit out shout out.

knitting for justice sign





The knit out learn to knit day was a HUGE success. In spite of the fact that the weather was perhaps a little too kind and it was moved from center stage to corner bike stand to escape the direct sunlight.  There were approximately 20 people who stopped by. For more information check out the creating a welcome Facebook page.yarn and bunnies ready for the market






 There were many bunnies made for the next market in December, lessons learnt, information shared and hopefully a whole new generation of lovely young men and women will be carrying the skills onward. knitting students








If you would like the pattern for a simple square, it is here! To knit the bunny just click. Happy Knitting!


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