New friends.

Bashful is somewhere between here and Bacon’s house at the moment but they are in for a surprise! Bashful met a friend in Kyoto called Koishi and she decided she would like to visit.  Bashful the pet rock with his new friend Koishi.







I have a new friend too called Eddie. He comes from Katherine from Pillows A La mode. I love Katherine. She is an education writer which means her books help people learn to read or help develop their reading skills.    The first book I ever held was in this format and I send out gratitude to these wonderful people all over the world.

Education isn’t just power, it is self-esteem,connection and hope.  Katherine is also a wonderfully, inspirational upcycler, recycler.  One of her pet projects is her “what can you make with a ?” series. Kathleen has inspired me to try it too, both here and here. So without further ado I present Eddie the Bear who until quite recently looked like a very nice but rather worn sweater. Katherine took the sweater and some scissors and cotton and voilà! Eddie.gentlestitches and Eddie the Bear made by Pillows A La Mode
My friend who took the photo seems to have gotten more of her lovely garden than Eddie and I but I think it makes a lovely back drop.Sharon'sSweater








This was my jumper before it become the very loved Eddie!!! Thanks katherine.

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Creating a welcome and Charm of Finches.


Northcote Uniting Church Craft Market

Our Northcote Uniting Church all ready for our creating a welcome craft market last Saturday.

Bashful and his new friend Koishi.

Some of the many beautiful items for sale. Gentlestitches Owls and flower pins and Winter Owls Foxes and Owls and Bunnies. (all of which sold very quickly).

Creating a welcome craft fair

Many beautiful things to look at and buy. Over 2000 dollars was raised. This photo was taken by Lois Wadelton.

A highlight of the day was the entertainment provided by Charm of Finches two Australian, very talented girls aged 14 and 11.  The poster below explains it all. Thank you. Just reading this makes a big difference. 

Creating a welcome at Chalice




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The end of the trek across wonderful, beautiful Japan

rail travel from Kyoto to Kyosan







It was a long journey from Kyoto to koyasan but very, very beautiful.
forest and Okunion of Mount Koya













These trees in the Okunoin Cemetery were around 1000 yrs old and the sign behind my son says “may peace prevail on Earth” I pray for that too.

Kyosan Temple lodging gardens











Our shukubo Temple Lodgings. So lovely.

Temple Lodgings meal






Delicious vegan fare and a garden that really was breathtaking!Bashful on cablecar from kyosan
Bashful on the cable car as we go back down the mountain to Gokurakubashi station.  A station along this route for CAT LOVERS is the famous Kishi Station,  AND is home to TAMA, the very famous cat, credited with saving a town.

We finish our grand adventure by taking Bashful shopping at Osaka. Here we stocked up on gifts and souvenirs for family and friends.  I could think of no better place than Don Quijote to round off our trip.                                                               I hope you enjoyed this trip with Bashful the rolling stone and the gentlestitches crew.  Bashful will be flying back home tomorrow and hopefully will be bringing good weather with him. We are all very concerned here for the people around his hometown and pray for better days ahead!

Bev from fozziemum put it well.

Well put Bev.

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Creating a Welcome.


Creating a welcome at Chalice



















If you are in Melbourne on Saturday 3rd of May, come to our mini craft market!                

We will be selling a dazzling supply of handmade goods and art works, all kindly donated by local artists.  One hundred percent of all proceeds will go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.  The address is Northcote Uniting Church 251 High Street, Northcote.

Time 10am until 3pm.  Come and have a look.



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the bullet train from Tokyo to kyoto.

 photos of maiko and geiko in kyoto










The cherry blossoms were out in Japan but paled compared to the beauty and poise of the women we saw them after we left the temple of Higashi Honganji.Cycling through the streets of Kyoto.

 Lucky us, after getting off the bullet train we grabbed our bicycles and toured around the back street of KyotoShane and Sharon with examples of Yuzen dying .

 A highlight of my trip was providing an opportunity for my son and I to take part in the ancient art of Yuzen Dying. This was bought to Japan in the 16oo’s and is still used today to decorate fabric including Yukata and Kimono.Bashful at ll
Another highlight of Kyoto was the Manga museum and library.  Bashful chose some American contributions to take to the faux grass reading of Ryokan in Kyoto

Bashful was starting to get a bit tired so our Ryokan (homestay) accommodation was very welcoming to him.

Photo of Shane and girls in mieka costume

We leave the very, very beautiful city of Kyoto and my son leaves his new  friends. Join us next time for the final part of our adventure, trekking through the mountains of Wakayama with a shopping for gifts stop over in the wonderful Osaka!




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