to market to market in Northcote.

creating a welcome at Chalice, Northcote Uniting church.












If you are anywhere near Northcote, Melbourne on Saturday the 16th of August, please drop in and see me and many other crafty people selling their beautiful wares. Absolutely every cent raised will be donated to the ASRC (asylum seeker resource centre).  Take a look at creating a welcome which has more information. 

amigurumi crochet owls.








Welcome Owls will be available and if you want to make an Owl yourself, the FREE pattern is available here.

gnomes and fairywings









A small taste of other wares available at the market made by Anna Branford. Pop over to and delight in her books and handmade works. I hope to see you Saturday August 16th, somewhere between 10 and 4pm. 

Pray for peace and sanity to prevail for everybody, big or small. The  future is in our hands. <3



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where is my button? crochet jumper and Melbourne Aztec Exhibition.
This post marks both an ending and a beginning.  The ending is because the above wooly jumper was featured in my very first post which I called beginnings.  I wanted to make sure it was completed for this post but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the button I had for it. No problem! I shall use a heart instead. It is very cold here in Melbourne and this jumper will be perfect to wear to the Aztec Exhibition on at the Melbourne Museum.

The new look blog has lost a few buttons as well. Comments and likes have gone but that is because I hope to drive viewers over to my shop. I thank everyone who has checked in on my blog and I promise there will be some interesting things coming up on it for your viewing pleasure. There is a market coming up  and I am working on an exhibition which I will also share with you.

Meanwhile if you any near South Morang on the 8th and 9th of August 2014 make sure you have a look at the State Creative Arts exhibition.2014 Creative Arts Exhibition












 Handmade is undergoing a super renaissance here in Melbourne and opening up many opportunities.  I am delighted with the amount of young people taking up the ancient arts because these skills are not just fun to have, they are also very empowering.

 Take heart, the future is in our hands.

  Stay tuned because the best is yet to come. :-)

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bloggie paws.

Jack and Tricky share tea and sconesThings are exciting here at gentlestitches today and I guess a little sad as well.  I have had some wonderful opportunities to sell my aussiegurumis (which means I have to get busy and make more) and also an opportunity to pursue publishing of my patterns and”how to series” outside  This has all further inspired me.  Jack and Tricky the dogs join me in taking a well earned tea and scone break and although we won’t have much of  an online presence any more, we will still be keeping up with everybody and will be able to be found on 

love from Auntie Sharon from


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New friends.

Bashful is somewhere between here and Bacon’s house at the moment but they are in for a surprise! Bashful met a friend in Kyoto called Koishi and she decided she would like to visit.  Bashful the pet rock with his new friend Koishi.







I have a new friend too called Eddie. He comes from Katherine from Pillows A La mode. I love Katherine. She is an education writer which means her books help people learn to read or help develop their reading skills.    The first book I ever held was in this format and I send out gratitude to these wonderful people all over the world.

Education isn’t just power, it is self-esteem,connection and hope.  Katherine is also a wonderfully, inspirational upcycler, recycler.  One of her pet projects is her “what can you make with a ?” series. Kathleen has inspired me to try it too, both here and here. So without further ado I present Eddie the Bear who until quite recently looked like a very nice but rather worn sweater. Katherine took the sweater and some scissors and cotton and voilà! Eddie.gentlestitches and Eddie the Bear made by Pillows A La Mode
My friend who took the photo seems to have gotten more of her lovely garden than Eddie and I but I think it makes a lovely back drop.Sharon'sSweater








This was my jumper before it become the very loved Eddie!!! Thanks katherine.

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Creating a welcome and Charm of Finches.


Northcote Uniting Church Craft Market

Our Northcote Uniting Church all ready for our creating a welcome craft market last Saturday.

Bashful and his new friend Koishi.

Some of the many beautiful items for sale. Gentlestitches Owls and flower pins and Winter Owls Foxes and Owls and Bunnies. (all of which sold very quickly).

Creating a welcome craft fair

Many beautiful things to look at and buy. Over 2000 dollars was raised. This photo was taken by Lois Wadelton.

A highlight of the day was the entertainment provided by Charm of Finches two Australian, very talented girls aged 14 and 11.  The poster below explains it all. Thank you. Just reading this makes a big difference. 

Creating a welcome at Chalice




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