Yarn Along completed Cheshire Cat!

CCATHere he is, hot off the hook and just in time to join Ginny from Small Things for another Yarn Along. The Tim Burton version of the famous Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.  Not a lot of reading going on here this week but managed to slip in this 1969 comic for a bit of nostalgia.Jack
Jack the dog shows how big the Cheshire Cat is. godnight

Good night Cheshire Cat, make my son smile for his birthday!

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18 Responses to Yarn Along completed Cheshire Cat!

  1. HaHa! The Cheshire Cat is enormous as requested by the birthday boy. Thanks and I am glad he is completed and I go back to the teeny, tiny amis. :)


  2. Winter Owls says:

    Jack looks a little wary of your Cheshire cat which is much bigger than I thought it would be (unless Jack is really, really tiny). He looks marvelous, I love his mottled fur and his grin too of course ;o


  3. Thank you! Jack really wasn’t sure there for a minute! LOL!He’s a friendly boy! :)


  4. Sharon, this is one adorable cat! I love the teeth/smile and eyes you’ve made! So funny to me that your cute doggie needs time to adjust to a yarn-created cat (as much as a live one!) It’s beautiful! :)


  5. I love your Cheshire Cat! The detail on the face is spot on, and he looks like he’s a great cuddler. The look on Jack’s face is priceless too. Great work!


  6. You clever person developing an award. I accept with pleasure. :)


  7. pishnguyen says:

    He is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!


  8. Curls & Q says:

    Q – You are more like family than just a link to a blog so we’ve nominated your for a WordPress Family Award.


  9. Curls & Q says:

    Q – Adorable!


  10. who wouldn’t love that cat?! Jack doesn’t look at all impressed. So glad you had a chance to read a comic – still laughing at that !!!


  11. Thanks. Cat is very cuddly. You’re right about Jack! Not much cuddling going on there. :)


  12. jessmittens says:

    Jack the dog looks scared of the cat! haha, Cat looks so cuddly.


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