I glove squirrels.

greetingsWith credit to Miyako Kansmori who devised this beautiful glove squirrel, allow me to introduce to you the Australian version. Meet “Wattle” the first all Australian squirrel.




For those of you wanting one, here is how it is done. First the pattern.glove squirrel





Next get a spare glove. glove




Cut out the pieces.cutting



Then sew and stuff.


Add the features. Let your imagination be your guide. Sew the pieces together.

I added eyelash yarn applied with running stitch to give Wattle her red fury effect.assembly





Here she is in the Australian out back, very much at home. tree wattle
tree squirrel
 I had some great suggestions for the sample pillow that was discussed at the recent “ending is better than mending class”  but Wattle is demonstrating the best yet! ZZZZZZZZZ.sleeping squirrel



So now if you find you have a spare glove there is no need to fret.  Don’t throw it away, turn it into a cute squirrel!

and finally if you love squirrels and want an interesting gift for yourself or someone else check out this on line store from Evil Squirrel’s Nest

Next time. How to crochet yourself a Christmas tree. How is that for ambitious!


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27 Responses to I glove squirrels.

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  3. Thank you Winter Owls and how clever of you to notice her Aussie name. : )


  4. Winter Owls says:

    Wattle is gorgeous and I love her very Aussie name!


  5. Janette says:

    Love the photos, this is so cute!!!


  6. dogfordavid says:

    I love it :) so adorable! :)


  7. Wilhelmina says:

    Wattle looks a little like a possum PRETENDING to be a squirrel. Playing, um, squirrel.


  8. anna says:

    Omigosh! This is the sweetest squirrel ever!!


  9. gentlestitches says:
  10. rebecca2000 says:

    Awww very cute.


  11. Reblogged this on Evil Squirrel's Nest and commented:
    This is a post from one of my favorite Squirrel Approved Blogs, Gentlestitches. If any of you out there love the crafty side of creativity, I highly recommend my Aussie aunt’s blog, which is always full of neat ideas. The little red glove squirrel in this post is extremely cute!


  12. psquirrel says:

    Very cool and squirrelicious!


  13. Stephanie Raffelock says:

    I have a Labradore retriever who is crazy for squirrels…I mean crazy. Is it too much mischief to make him a squirrel and put it in his stocking? Tee hee!


  14. That is adorable!!! MBRS is gonna be soooo jealous she’s no longer the prettiest red squirrel!


  15. cym136 says:

    This is the cutest little squirrel! I love it!


  16. sosewlovely says:

    Wow this is so cute !!!! Wonderful red squirrel!


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