An award.

unisex apronI love this. It was sent to me by my Aunt Joy by a “catty” friend of hers and I love the way this old shirt gets another life as a unisex apron instead of ending in landfill.

I also love the fact that I have been nominated for an award! It was sent to me by Sakshivashist  who is a gifted poet. I have always enjoyed poetry and it amazes me how a poet can conjure up a mood, emotion, idea by using just a few well chosen words where other people (like myself) might need a few hundred. Sakshivashist is like that and her poems, even the sad ones always make me feel happier for reading them.

I would like to nominate the following 2 blogs.

Mitten’s Kittens Blog. Here is a gold star from your gentlestitches Aunt. Keep writing and well done on being featured on Freshly Pressed.

dogfordavid. For conduct above and beyond the call of duty. Mothers don’t get a lot of kudos but here is some. I hope you will always find the time and space to keep making lovely things with your hands.

It was hard to choose because the only bloggers I follow are awesome and I wanted to choose every one but I have done it ! Click on the link below.


Next time will be about the (drum roll) “red glove”glove

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12 Responses to An award.

  1. dogfordavid says:

    Did you see my post for the award yet? Your one of my choices to pass it on too : )


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  3. Dylan says:



  4. Thank you Anna.


  5. anna1975 says:

    Ooh congratulations! And I too love the apron idea – genius.


  6. dogfordavid says:

    wow… thank-you so much. : ) I truly appreciate this. : )

    I also love that apron idea by the way. : )


  7. cookiemomma says:

    I LOVE the shirt apron, my mom had one of those when I was younger and I always thought it was so funny! :)


  8. Thank you. People really are coming up with some great ideas to reduce, recycle and reuse. I wonder how the boys would look in an apron? Pretty cute I reckon.


  9. mskatykins says:

    Fabulous! Congratulations, very exciting! And I LOVE the apron idea. There really is so much that we can do if we just use our creativity. Love it! :)


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