Sock Monkey and Glove Squirrel

Here is an update on the project featured in my blog  beginnings” As you can see, it is coming along nicely and indeed, starting to look like something. Stay tuned for further updates.

Meanwhile is there anything you would like to show us here at gentlestitches. Something you have made with your hands, would like to make or are thinking of making? Fill us in, we would love to hear of your crafty plans!

Some special children I know created these puppets for a performance they put on called “toilet roll theatre” It really was quite hilarious. The Rapunzel type character announced at one point “I am getting grey hair waiting to be rescued,I will rescue myself!”and indeed she did

Below is a sock monkey I am helping to make. If you would like to make a sock monkey here is a link  Many people adore hand-made gifts and the sock monkey is ideal for the young (or young at heart ) person  in your life.

If you liked the sock monkey, take a look at the  glove squirrel! I haven’t made one yet but I am very tempted. If any one has made one, I would be delighted to see it. It is an excellent way of recycling those gloves that lose their mates.

I await your crafty plans and invite you to click back soon as we go from theory to practical in our study of the 3R’s. Repairing,reusing and recycling

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6 Responses to Sock Monkey and Glove Squirrel

  1. Yes it was very clever show from some very resourceful kids. No plastic there!


  2. anna1975 says:

    Ingenious, Sharon! I’d love to have seen the toilet roll puppet show, I bet it was fabulous.


  3. Nancy says:

    hi its Nancy im just so pleased ive found such a great site looking forward to the next post


  4. Anonymous says:

    how cute what a great idea from a great site


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