Knitted dog and cat toy


I have been working on my free speech pencils, amigurumi Owls and of course foxes. For a change of pace I decided to design a anipal toy. I wanted it to be fun, safe and versatile. My little boy ,his dog Jack and my dog Tricky were more than happy to road test it.

crochet toy for people cats and dogs

hours of fun for the whole family!











Introducing the anipal foxes.

knitted fox dog toys

knitted anipal toy foxes!











Lily the very beautiful and much loved Terrier barks “yes” to the toy.

Lily the Terrier trials toy

Lily the Terrier trials toy














Jack thinks this is a great game!


Jack the dog plays tug o war with crocheted toy and boy

You are MINE!












Jack is so pleased with his toy he runs outside to bury it!      

knitted fox dog toys

Jack decides he is tired of sharing.











I am still working on the design and will share it when it is completed. Meanwhile I am lucky to have so much keen quality control.



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a brave little pencil.

a movie made by my son and staring amigurumi pencil. If you would like an amigurumi pencil for yourself, go to my ravelry page and download a FREE  copy of the pattern. A FREE pencil for FREE SPEECH.

Amigurumi pencil is tough and never gives up.brave amigurumi pencil






He loves you all and wants to make you smile. :-D

We are wise we are kind we are many.



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Happy New Year from Squirrel Picnic and gentlestitches

A Ripper Aussie New Year’s Party

January 1, 2015

Each year, Mayor Snack Frog hosts a New Year’s Eve party at his pad and invites all his friends from the picnic and beyond, including you! This year, special guests flew all the way from Australia to attend. These delightful amigurumi characters by Sharon Pridmore of included a bushy-tailed possum, 3 foxes, a crocodile, dogs, and zombie bunnies. Australia is filled with dangerous creatures, so Sharon sent along some Easter brown snakes and a red-backed spider as well, all of which we found to be very well-behaved despite their reputation.  You can find patterns for Sharon’s crochet creations on her website or Ravelry. We were also very excited to see that she sent along MEAP2, which she made with my cuddly robot crochet pattern, so MEAP had a girlfriend to dance with all night.

We hope you enjoy this very amateur stop-motion animation, and we wish you plenty to smile about in 2015!



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my amigurumis visit America for a party!

Are you ready for the festivities?

December 31, 2014

Mayor Snack Frog's Welcome

Happy New Year! I’ll be ringing in the new year with the Squirrel Picnic gang and special guest amigurumis from Australia for as long as I can keep my eyes open. I’m super tired after a very difficult work week, so I probably won’t make it to midnight. In fact, I might just pass my phone over to Mayor Snack Frog now to take photos for you. He’ll be posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramthroughout the evening. You won’t want to miss it. The Aussies from are sure to show us a ripper good time!

Then don’t forget to stop by the picnic tomorrow for a special (and truly amateur) film documenting the night. Have a great time and see you in the new year!


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an invitation to a new year’s eve party

new year's eve invitation from Squirrel Picnic and gentlestitches.








Major Snackfrog from squirrel picnic and the gentlestitches critters proudly invite you to a new year’s eve party. Join us and have some fun. meanwhile i am busy with my last minute Christmas orders. Foxes, Mice and Owls. Will I make it? Will I finish in time? Yes I will! Merry Christmas everyone and see you at the new years eve party.

gentlestitches amigurumi mice and foxes










Good luck and prosperity in 2015!



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