We are back!

Bashfuls first meal in China
Bashful enjoys his first meal in China at the Guangzhou Airport.

Photograph of downtown Tokyo.
Safely arrived in downtown Tokyo and on the way to our hotel Hyatt Regency.

Bashful in comfort mode







Bashful was a little overwhelmed initially but some familiar objects, well wishing cards and his sleeping rock blanket cheered him up.

Miraikan Museum

Next stop in Tokyo the Miraikan Museum via monorail.  I loved this museum and the wonderful focus it has on the hard questions regarding sustainable living for all on our planet. Plus it was HUGE FUN!

cosplay around harajuku park







Cosplay around the park at Miraikan and then to Harajuku.

Dogs at Harajuku








VERY cute dogs, many with their own strollers for when they get tired.  Bashful and I were getting a bit home dog sick so it was nice to pat the Japanese dogs and chat to them. (with their owner’s permission of course) Kawaii!Akihabara electric town

A look around  Akihabara electric town and then back to the hotel. We planned to get the Bullet train in the morning to kyoto. 
Japan was wonderful and we all had fun. More news next time. Now I am checking up to see what everyone else has been doing in Bloggieland.

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Bashful stands by…

Bashful the pet rock with suitcase
SURPRISE!! Bashful is going with the gentlestitches crew to China and then Japan!!!!!!   He has his bag packed, his paperwork done and is leaving in a       few hours.

we will be back




He will be incommunicado for a couple of weeks but we promise to take good care of him and take lots of pictures. We will be thinking of you so don’t  forget about us and we will see you all in two weeks.

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Easter Greetings and a Surprise!

Crochet Easter Bunny AmigurumiBB
  Happy Easter season everyone. This Aussie Easter bunny was designed by the fabulous Vanja from AmigurrumiBB and the page with the link for pattern is here.     This guy is named Duncan and he is an aussie cousin to Vanja’s bunny family tree. If you want to make one or a whole warren click here.Bashful the pet rock up a gum tree

 Bashful is having fun enjoying the Australian Bush but he has a big surprise for you! Check back tomorrow to find out what it is!



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Bashful’s Melbourne Adventures.

 I have a pet rock from Georgia, America visiting me. This little rock has had many adventures all over the world and you can read about them here. He belongs to a little piggie called Bacon.   Bashful riding at Federation square   
Here he is after a strenuous bicycle ride into town with a stop to see the Melbourne visitor Center next to Federation Square.

Bashful at Flinders St Station









No time to rest Bashful! We have a train to catch from Flinders Street Station!
Lilly-Pillis Sister by Anna Branford with pet rock Bashful














We are getting our copy of the best Australian Fairy Story (actual best fairy story ever) written “Lilly-Pilli’s Sister” written by Anna Bradford, signed by the author herself!
gentlestitches at arsc fund raiser















Time to set up the asrc stall which proved very successful. Can you spot our GOOD LUCK ROCK?  Read about our success here.jam bytes

So after all those adventures it is time for some jam bytes, jam courtesy of Booze,Sugar and Spice because we all know Bashful isn’t bashful when offered a drink or two or even three!

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Howling Mad Cat’s tribute Anipal Mini Me.


an anipal mini me for a special boy and a birthday for some special kittehs. :-D

Originally posted on The Mad Hooligan Chronicles:

Thank you for following The Howling Mad Cat and The Mad Hooligan Chronicles!

In case you haven’t met the late HMC, here he is:


My husband called me today and told me I had a package from Australia. I knew immediately it was from my friend, gentlestitches! I couldn’t wait to get home! Here are some pictures of her handiwork – an anipal mini me of HMC:


HMC aussiegurumi

Kobi sniffing HMC’s anipal:

Ko and HMC's anipal

I am so thrilled! Thank you, gentlestitches!

The cats’ one-year birthday was yesterday, too! I apologize for the quality of this video, but here is Bo playing with one of the kittens’ mousies:

I guess I should have said that Boba was more interested in the camera strap! I took a video of Kobi as well, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as well. I’ll keep trying!

Thank you again for following us!

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