amigurumi fox pattern

Pattern for amigurumi foxes.

mother and young amigurumi fox by gentlestitches.a group of foxes getting ready for a pop up marketgroup of amigurumi foxes by gentlestitches

two foxes showing off their tails.2 amigurumi foxes by gentlestitches.

This fox is ready for his closeup. Visit for this pattern and many others. one amigurumi fox by gentlestitches.

Jack the dog and I disagree as to weather or not my wool carding basket is WAY too small for him. Plus he has his own bed(s). gentlestitches dog jack in small basket. gentlestitches dog jack in far too small basket.

You look very uncomfortable and just a bit silly, Jack. Just saying.  :-D



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mobile mending

The good people at and in particular Timetheif have been helping me make my wee blog more mobile friendly. In the spirit of fixing things I bring you two items that have recently undergone repair. I hope this loads well on all devices so I can spend my time making things and not digital wrangling. Is that a thing? 

gentlestitches repair of Elmo Beanie

Lily the dog had fun with this

Elmo the hat gets to live another day!

gentlestitches repaired toy

another canine catastrophe!

My friend’s treasured painter doll gets another go. 

Coming soon “The Spinning Pages”plus lots more amigurumi and a special treat from Squirrel Picnic.  I leave you with a special flower to admire from my courtyard. The Brazilian flamingo flower. All the way from Brazil and happily growing in an Aussie back yard. What blooms have caught your attention lately?Brazilian Flamingo flower

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4 very helpful dogs.

Lily has a new pup called Poppy.

Lily and Poppy at their forever home

What better way to introduce her than in a pair of gloves made by my friend Pauline?
Lily and Poppy at their forever home

Lilly and Poppy help with the laundry

Poppy loves her forever home with her Mother and peeps. Here she helps with the laundry

Jack the dog shows off a complete fleece at gentlestitches house

Jack shows off a fleece that is being prepared for spinning

                        whole fleece which belonged to Oscar and his Mum Bev.

skirted and clean gentlestitches fleece

Skirted, cleaned and ready for carding.

skien of gentlestitches Baa Baa Bev's wool and gloves by Pauline.

A skein, fresh off the Niddy Noddy. More about that next time.

Merlin adds his quality control

Merlin takes a break from helping his peeps move house to provide me with quality control and feedback.  Merlin barks ” YES!

Hooray for helpful critters! <3

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Old wool room gets new life.

Joining Bacon’s Show and Tell this week with the topic of something  old about the house, I bring you the up cycled, repurposed Wool Room.
There has been a shift in our cottage as can happen as a boy grows.
My wool room is now a writing room with a very old writing desk and chair.  It fits perfectly in this small space.  Correspondence from me begins here.

gentlestitches writing room with Jacobean writing desk
Next we have the boys old study which has become my new studifice. A word I first heard from Fozzie.M who used it to explain her studio/office. Nice to have a studifice of one’s own.

gentlestitches studifices with spinning wheel

Nice to look out on a courtyard garden too. 

gentlestitches courtyard garden with hanging lanterns

The lanterns are solar powered and this area is small but inspiring  any time of the year. 

So that is me but what of the boy when he isn’t literally hanging out in his bedroom/study gymnasium? 

Well meeting the first lady of course!

gentlestitches son and Uhura, Nichelle Nichols.












First Lady of Sci Fi that is. Shane and Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) Supernova Melbourne 2015.

May you “Live long and prosper”. 



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ami eyes

gentlestitches amigurumi brindle Kelpie with Suncatcher Craft eyes

An article about amigurumi eyes and eyelids from Squirrel Picnic inspired me to rethink Tatty the Brindle kelpies eyes.  I obtained her very unique eyes from Suncatcher Craft eyes and I was happy with them but something was missing even with the black eyeliner I had added with indelible ink. Take a look at this photo of Tatty to see what I mean.picture of a Tatty the brindle kelpie gentlestitches

Tatty has a very deep,wise expression in her eyes and I was having trouble capturing it. After I read the article on embroidered eyes I decided to have a go at combining the two and this is what I came up with. gentlestitches amigurumi crochet brindle kelpie dog

Combination of embroidery and Suncatcher Craft eyes.  Tatty’s owner was very pleased.  A big THANK YOU to all who share their tips,tricks and techniques so generously online. It is quite inspirational. For more  inspiration click on the The Snail of Happiness  to read about the perfect Dragon eyes on a rather perfect Dragon. 

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