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gentlestitches amigurumi brindle Kelpie with Suncatcher Craft eyes

An article about amigurumi eyes and eyelids from Squirrel Picnic inspired me to rethink Tatty the Brindle kelpies eyes.  I obtained her very unique eyes from Suncatcher Craft eyes and I was happy with them but something was missing even with the black eyeliner I had added with indelible ink. Take a look at this photo of Tatty to see what I mean.picture of a Tatty the brindle kelpie gentlestitches

Tatty has a very deep,wise expression in her eyes and I was having trouble capturing it. After I read the article on embroidered eyes I decided to have a go at combining the two and this is what I came up with. gentlestitches amigurumi crochet brindle kelpie dog

Combination of embroidery and Suncatcher Craft eyes.  Tatty’s owner was very pleased.  A big THANK YOU to all who share their tips,tricks and techniques so generously online. It is quite inspirational. For more  inspiration click on the The Snail of Happiness  to read about the perfect Dragon eyes on a rather perfect Dragon. 

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Mr Bowie fan art Suncatcher Eyes Edition

Mr Bowie and his crocheted anipal minime.










Photo courtesy of Hands on Bowie. Mr Bowie poses with his fan art sent to him by me. My work is made more beautiful by the lovely Michelle of Suncatcher Craft Eyes work of fine and affordable eyes and noses. I have always had Michelle’s button on the side of my blog because I support her business but today I become an affiliate which means we are now officially  working together. Her blog has free patterns too and lots of information regarding craft accessories.  I wish you and your family well Michelle!Mr Bowie sniffs his gentlestitches anipal minime









Mr Bowie seems quite pleased with his fan art. I hope to make more anipals, amigurumis and work on other yarn related ventures this year. I enjoyed making my Mr Bowie very much and I hope you enjoyed the lovely photos his owner Herman took.Mr Bowie made by gentlestitches in crochet








Mr Bowie says “meow” and come and visit him over here. 


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Merbys Beatle contest, spinning wheel edition.

My entry plus unveiling of my surprise. beatleskobaf


Good Day Sunshine

Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine.
I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about,
I feel good, in a special way.
I’m in love and it’s a sunny day.gentlestitches with spinning wheel, poodle and jack russell in australian garden

The sun is out, the kangaroo Paw flowers are in bloom, the dogs are playing and I have my new spinning wheel from my friend Fozzie.m plus 3 bags of her pet sheep’s wool. This is happy! Drum solo Ringo! 



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a visit to the magic aussie bush.

an Australian afternoon tea









I had a grand adventure on the weekend which involved a trip to Barker’s Creek, home of fellow blogger, Bev and her lovely husband Phil. Bev (aka fozziemum) blogs about life in rural Australia and the adventures of their many and varied critters. This visit, although very social (check out the sumptuous morning tea all hand-made by Bev) had a secret reason attached to it. Bev and Phil had something for me which of course involved yarn but wasn’t yarn. Although they gave me 3 bags of wool too.  Confused? What do you think it was? Well I will keep my special secret to myself for a bit longer and tell next time. Meanwhile enjoy the photographs of a truly remarkable place.

Kitty day spa, place specially for the kitties.                                                                        







This way to Kitty Day Spa where cats and wildlife can live in peace.gentlestitches photo of FOZZIE.M's four cats









Going clockwise we have Dinnermintz , Cleo, Pickles and Marbles.  You can find out more about them here.

a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Forrest.










Gorgeous Forrest giving Aunt Sharon a huge grin.

a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Doc.













Doc smiling and showing that although a small dog he has a HUGE personality!FOZZIE.M'S 3 sheep and some yarn bombing









Bev and her 3 sheepies, Jock, Felix and Oscar. The bottom picture shows some yarn bombing they did themselves! For information about them and their care click on Fleecy Friday!Bev and Phills Green's magic property including dam and view through fence


I couldn’t possibly do justice with a few words and pictures of this most extraordinarily beautiful place. The house was county style but with 2015 comforts and mod cons. The outside had blurred boundaries because of the trees and undulations. A fence around the actual house was separated from the big bush block by a fence that offered panoramic views via (I believe) perspex.  There are often Kangaroos about but they stayed hidden from me. I must have made them shy. The last photo is of the dam which looks like a peaceful place to sit especially at sunset. Thanks Bev and I will be showing something very special that came from here next time! What do you think it is?


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See Beautiful Weim, Scarves and Foxes.

gentlestitches amigurumi foxes, see beautiful, hand made scarf and Goose the Weimaraner

This time of year is perfect for a light scarf and I have some tips on how to create one very easily at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile enjoy this little black and white number which is a backdrop for my recent happy mail. It was a thank you from Goose the Weimaraner for helping celebrate his 15th birthday and it included a gift for me. It was a sticker and a tag which said SEE BEAUTIFUL. I will put the tag on my keyring to remind myself of all the beauty around me.  The bag of yarn behind the foxes can only mean one thing!Brothers and sisters for them! I have a market coming up soon and also an opportunity to display and hopefully sell, my patterns at Woolarium the wonderful yarn and accessories shop in High St Northcote. 

two gentlestitches hand made scarves modeled by Winter Owl, Owls.

Another two scarfs from the same pattern and modeled on Owls made from Winter Owls lovely shop which I believe reopens in June this year. Now onto the scarf pattern.

gentlestitches beautiful and easy scarf pattern for knitting or crochet.

You will need. (a)Either a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook (any size) (b) a full ball of yarn of your choosing. (c) a tape measure. (d) a darning, tapestry or wool needle.

If knitting. Using knitting needles and tape measure cast on enough stitches to make  8.5 inches or 22 centimeters.                                                                                                                     Using knitting stitch of your choice (plain for beginners, complicated for advanced),knit until fabric measures 30 inches  or 76 centimetres and cast off.                                               Line up short ends, pin and then using the sewing needle, sew ends together. Sew in any ends and trim. Voila! Your own beautiful circular scarf to brighten up any outfit or peek out from a jacket.

If crocheting. Using  crochet hook and tape measure, chain until work measures 8.5 inches or 22 centimetres.                                                                                                                       Choose any crochet stitch from single crochet to an advanced lace, work until fabric measures 30 inches or 76 centimetres.                                                                                              Line up short ends, pin and then using the sewing needle, sew ends together. Sew in any ends and trim. Voila! Your own beautiful circular scarf to brighten up any outfit or peek out from a jacket.

Send me a photo or a description if you make one. Enjoy!

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