Ranger’s Blog Hop

stuartbadgeMy contribution to Stuart’s blog-hop.Stuart admiring the viewStuart doing one of the many things he did best. Contemplating and making every one who saw him feel both peaceful and energised.

Stuart and Stuart's mini anipal.

Real Stu and mini-Stu. Mine is a crocheted piece which fozziemum and I worked on.  She supplied the raw fleece, ideas and inspiration. I supplied the crochet hook and Beach Holiday. Thank you Ranger, we love you Stu, Arro0000


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some Stuart on Australia Day.

Stuart admiring the view
Our friend Stuart was called to cross the rainbow bridge just before my annual holiday to the beach with friends and family on Australia day. It was and still is very sad but I was sure a mini me anipal Stuart would make his peeps feel a tiny bit better. I used yarn from fozziemums sheep and while the others were surfing, bush walking and swimming, I relaxed, looked at the ocean and made a small Stuart.  Here he is on our deck, drying out from his felting bath.

stuart has a bath

Put me in a sun puddle, I’m cold and wet!











Some Koalas as gifts for the youngest members of the tribe. Free pattern for the koala is here or at my ravelry shop. Stuart with his new aussie friends.

Tiny ami koalas










The teens gave “go ride a wave” surf school a go. They picked it up quickly and I thought they were very good at it.

the children at Lorne Surf School










Had a look around Erskine Falls.the children at Erskine falls.










Took Lily and Poppy to the dog beach.

Lily and Poppy at the beach.















and took some more Stuart L <3 VE

Stuart and Stuart's mini anipal.

Spot the real Stuart!












We love and miss you dear Stuart.  ArroOOOO! <3 <3 <3

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Best wishes and a gift for you.

Happy New Year to all the wonderful people who helped make gentlestitches a success in 2015.  Thank you for clicking on my wee blog, stopping by my ravelry pattern shop, looking at and downloading my patterns and most of all for being a great friend.a gift of a crochet butterfly pattern

My gift to you is this free and very easy Butterfly pattern. Download it here or head over to my online shop at  Ravelry. I have many plans in 2016 which include my home spun yarn, knitting and crochet patterns, dog, cat and critter toys, (road tested by the very best toy tester on the planet. Easy the weimaraner!) and some anipal mini mees. I also plan to have a more “Crocheted Christmas” next year with hand-made tree ornaments and a gentlestitches nativity set.

Start the New Year right with a visit to Squirrel Picnic’s New Year’s purikura party and stay tuned for an exciting new book! 2016 is going to be a big year for the written word. Join me in a year of more. More writing, more making things, more picture-taking, more water drinking and more exercise doing.

BUTTERFLIES are about new beginnings and flying off leaving the past behind. Raise your water bottles and join me in a drink to a healthy, happy,prosperous, creative and LOVE FILLED new year! Cheers!  


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amigurumi fox pattern

Pattern for amigurumi foxes.

mother and young amigurumi fox by gentlestitches.a group of foxes getting ready for a pop up marketgroup of amigurumi foxes by gentlestitches

two foxes showing off their tails.2 amigurumi foxes by gentlestitches.

This fox is ready for his closeup. Visit ravelry.com for this pattern and many others. one amigurumi fox by gentlestitches.

Jack the dog and I disagree as to weather or not my wool carding basket is WAY too small for him. Plus he has his own bed(s). gentlestitches dog jack in small basket. gentlestitches dog jack in far too small basket.

You look very uncomfortable and just a bit silly, Jack. Just saying.  :-D



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mobile mending

The good people at wordpress.com and in particular Timetheif have been helping me make my wee blog more mobile friendly. In the spirit of fixing things I bring you two items that have recently undergone repair. I hope this loads well on all devices so I can spend my time making things and not digital wrangling. Is that a thing? 

gentlestitches repair of Elmo Beanie

Lily the dog had fun with this

Elmo the hat gets to live another day!

gentlestitches repaired toy

another canine catastrophe!

My friend’s treasured painter doll gets another go. 

Coming soon “The Spinning Pages”plus lots more amigurumi and a special treat from Squirrel Picnic.  I leave you with a special flower to admire from my courtyard. The Brazilian flamingo flower. All the way from Brazil and happily growing in an Aussie back yard. What blooms have caught your attention lately?Brazilian Flamingo flower

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